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  1. D

    Options for VPS cPanel hosting that allow unlimited cPanel installs per VPS? (other than Bluehost)

    I am looking for options for VPS hosting that come with cPanel, and allow an unlimited number of cPanel accounts/domains to be added to the VPS. I know about Bluehost, but I'd like to know if there are options options as well before I choose them. I contacted them and they said: I found this...
  2. T

    Which Company has the Best Managed Cloud Hosting Plans?

    Hey, I am looking for a nice cloud hosting plan from a known company. It should be able to handle 150K monthly traffic. Please suggest the most affordable plans.
  3. A

    suggest me best India located hosting

    Hi please suggest me best India located hosting, I want to host my website with Indian IP Thanks
  4. Starblazer

    What is best configuration for wordpress site on DigitalOcean VPS?

    I know that many BHW users are using DigitalOcean and like it. I wanted to give it a try for a wordpress website. I'm currently using a shared hosting and planning to move to a VPS. There are many options for OS and other settings in digitalocean. I just want a configuration that gives best...
  5. A

    Which hosting company should i go with?

    Hi guys, I am looking for best hosting provider for my upcoming site. Currently am using Hostgator, but i cannot afford it anymore. So, is there any good and cheap hosting provider?
  6. Blakester

    Powerful Web Hosting for Only $1.95/mo - Let Us Transfer Your Site FOR FREE - SSD - FoxHosts.com

    Thread closed - OP request. Useful Links - FAQ 1. Contact Email: [email protected] 2. How Much GB of Disk Will I Receive Per Website? How Much Do I Need? Notice: We also offer a free cloudflare SSL setup with each brand new WordPress installation. Our team does not transfer SSL...
  7. obirambd

    [HELP_POST] Adult Video Streaming Site Hosting

    HI BHW Members, I want to Create a website like pornhub xnxx. but here i need huge amount of web space but when i said them about video site they are not suggest me to setup my video site in shared plan. they suggest dedicated hosting. but dedicted server price is so high. my budget is only...
  8. F

    eHost Shuts Down - Why isn't there any fuss?

    So, I was thinking of participating in eHost's affiliate program and quite recently I've discovered their hosting service to be closed... What's more strange is the fact that there is absolutely no real information about the closure or transition of the host. In my opinion it was just a...
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