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  1. S


    Hello guys, i hope you are doing well, i am frontend web developer and seo expert.
  2. giveitlegs

    Need theme park/attractions ticket reseller site redone

    Hey, we're looking to build out a site we own that is an aged domain / ticket reseller website... it has been this type of website for over 20 years, so it has a lot of link equity - but it's current UX sucks (the vendor hired last year by the client to redo it botched the job and then went...
  3. ty310

    (JV) My business, your Web Dev skills

    Hey BHW! I’m looking for someone with web dev skills to build/and or work on a cameo clone as well as an SVOD platform (preferably combined). This business aligns with my current marketing role and capitalizes on my unprecedented access to creators within a certain niche. Open to compensating...
  4. Designerstech

    New here

    Hello everyone. I'm new here and just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I'm a web developer and SEO Specialist but who isn't nowadays? What's your favorite color? Why are proxies on the rage?
  5. Cyam

    [JV] Your Digital Agency / Clients + My HQ Website Design & Development

    I recently launched my personal brand service at https://www.mislavrepinac.com I'm a Webflow design and developer who already worked with tons of clients so I have experience. I'm either looking to do white label service or simply get referred to your clients for a cut of course (that way you...
  6. WORDPRESS Thread BHW (1).png

    WORDPRESS Thread BHW (1).png

  7. john346

    ❇️⭐❇️Copy Any Website with Wordpress❇️ E-commerce❇️ Business❇️Service❇️Blog❇️Affiliate⭐All Niche Accepted⭐55% Discounts Going On⭐❇️⭐

    Please comment below for Discount and sample website just write "Wp_dev_inc" Order Link: https://wpdevinc.com/copy-website-with-wordpress/ Contact Us: Email: [email protected] Skype: live:.cid.c03c176792bd1b35 WhatsApp: +8801950240852 Telegram: @wpdevinc www.wpdevinc.com
  8. David2023

    ⭕⭕ $60 USD Wordpress Website Design And Development ⭕⭕ BHW Cheap Price ⚡⚡ 80% Discount Going On ⚡⚡Flat Sale ⭕⭕ Exclusive Offer ████

    Order Link: https://thewebglobal.com/web-design-development-wordpress/ Contact: The Web Global Email: [email protected] Telegram: @thewebglobals, +8801941466756 Skype: live:.cid.f16dcf308b8a7272 Whatsapp: +8801941466756 WEBSITE: https://thewebglobal.com
  9. M

    Web Developer to Duplicate my existing Website

    Good Day So two things I'm looking for: 1. A Web Developer to make an exact duplicate of my current website which is in PHP, might be preferable to change it to WordPress if possible. This would just be a contingency for if the main site goes down. 2. A web developer with knowledge how to...
  10. G

    WTB: News Aggregate site RSS Feed | Need Developer

    Price, TAT time etc. Need full site developed.
  11. Akinyande ayo

    I need a developer to fix database and WP files issues

    Hi mates, My web host moved sites to another server, and my site database and WordPress files got corrupted. I need a developer to help fix this and hook it up, I'm having a budget of $10 for this.
  12. E

    Experienced web developer

    Hey guys! Just decided to create an account but I know BHW years ago, I wanted to know some like minded people here to help each other and make more money. I'm a web developer using C# and asp mvc, currently interesed in web scraping but open to any ideas that can bring money. Good luck everyone.
  13. luthful2

    How to Image alt attribute ?

    How can I multi Image alt tag attribute in one time ?
  14. SamSanesra

    Premium Responsive Website Design and Development - Investing in Excellence

    Premium Responsive Website Design and Development - Investing in Excellence Contact us! Email: [email protected] Skype: SamSanesra Web Designer
  15. V

    Introduction (web developer)

    Hey guys I'm new here. I am experienced web developer / full-stack developer. I have a lot of hands-on experience related to front/back-end web design, web scraping, tasks related to gathering and encoding media for the web, and setting up payment processes. I have lots of other experience as...
  16. Dante is Cool

    [Hire] I need USA virtual assistant who has Linkedin(Dev experience is preferred)

    Hope you are well and having a lovely week so far. I am looking for USA virtual assistant who has linkedin account. It will be great if he/she has development experience. It is long term collaboration opportunity. Looking forward to hearing from you, soon. Regards
  17. cosmo89

    Looking for Expert Developer to help me with Social Network for Anime Tv shows

    As the title says, I am looking for well experienced and multi-fluent development language person, who can help me with developing this Anime fan's social network. We have the mockup design, so you will know what we required, looking for a good and long-term person because we have regular...
  18. Gravitylab

    [HAF] freelance Web developer on monthly basis

    My another post. I want to hire a freelancer who is kind of a experienced web developer, knows how to scrape and download small sites, I will need about 10 sites in a week. Payment will be 400-500$ monthly. With some upfront after a week of work. The sites can be small 2-4 pages, with pages...
  19. Trust WorkShop

    NEEDED : Website creator

    NEEDED : Website creator. I need a Shopify OR Shopify type of website (perhaps landing page) to be created. It would be a simple, perhaps 1 page website, with 1 product (selling) and will have to have my payment gateway integrated (perhaps through the payment gateway's APIs). For an experienced...
  20. dillywilly

    WTH script dev with full stack experience for a simple rental car pricing tool

    Hello im looking to develop a car pricing tool around the website turo.com since they dont have a public api its kinda impossible to pull the data but if you have the skills to make this happen i have the wireframe/flow charts and all the ideas ready to go . if you have the skills please send...
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