web developer

  1. cozyboy

    looking for web developer for SMM

    I want to make my own panel. I want to create my own shopping mall so that customers' orders are automatically connected and processed. I want to connect to the services of two different SMM panels. I hope WordPress or I can easily edit the site.
  2. sazerac

    How do you vet web developers?

    I'm getting ready to build a web app and I need to hire a couple of developers. I know a little about product development and this isn't my first startup (exited my last one for $40MM+). With that said, the project I'm taking on is technical and I want to make sure I hire people who will build a...
  3. BlackStar81

    Premium WordPress Web Development Service✅Ecommerce Website Design✅Professional Look✅Customer Support

  4. M

    Need a pro web developer/cloaking/coding expert.

    Must know/have experienced how to set up cloaker. advanced level preferred. Must have experienced in making google ads tracking link. I will provide the cloaker and guide how to use the cloaker. I will tell in more details after you reply. Thanks.
  5. K

    I need help making my website multilingual using separate subdomains for each language

    I plan on using Deepl as a translator tool, mostly because I have a limited budget and I cannot afford to hire translators for now. Also to rank for SEO in the individual countries I will need to create separate subdomains. eg for the Spanish site – es.mywebsite.com, for the German site-...
  6. I

    how earn money from websites need advice

    in actually i am junior web developer i started make some websites locally for customers but i'm in third world country and payment here very low like 150$ for 1 month of working for company website's using php (Laravel)+ ajax + mysql + some front-end framworks (vue.js,sass) as you see i put a...
  7. Ventures

    Hiring a bunch of different skillsets FULL-TIME and LONG-TERM. $200-$900/Month

    Looking to hire more people to my Digital Conglomerate long term 10+ years. You will be given a raise at least once a year. $200/Month No Skill Set but an internet connection and a solid brain. $250/Month Copywriter $300/Month web Developer $400/Month Web Developer W/ SEO Knowledge...
  8. gimikichi

    FREEBIES Web Based Automation Bot for YOU

    Hello BHW, I'm here since 2012 but I'm still not contributing enough for this beloved forum. So I have free time and I love making web based bot. I give you the bot that can run on your own computer (localhost) or you can deploy it on your vps. Tell me your idea and I will make the program for...
  9. Historyonfire

    Hiring Full Time Web Developer W/ API Experience

    Hello, Looking for a full time Web dev who has experience working with API's. Want to build a website clone using the main website's API. It's not an SMM panel, it is probably considerably more complicated than working with an SMM panel's API. If you are interested and would like to know...
  10. htoolas

    How to redirect pc visitor to "X" link and phone visitor to "Y" link

    Hi, i want a html code or any method to redirect pc visitors to a pc offers and if the visitor using phone he will get phones offer. "something like smartlink"
  11. rajputt65

    Looking for Cheap and Best Wordpress Developer for Micro Niche Sites.

    Hey all, I'm looking for wordrpress developer for custom micro-niche sites with the download intent i.e games, apps. softwares etc. Sites should be clean and light for fast loading. Please quote me the rates and times by doing PM me. Domains and hosting will be my concern. Thanks.
  12. F

    Looking for a web developer

    I need a web developer to help fixing and troubleshooting my (Adult) wordpress site ASAP
  13. S


    Hi guys, I'm a web developer and a machine learning freelancer. I've recently launched a website and I'm looking for ways to make it grow. I'm a new member but have been lurking for some time, and this seems like a great community to me, and I'm happy to be here. Hopefully, I can learn a lot...
  14. I

    Looking For A Web Developer/Designer to Help Optimize My Porn Tube Site

    Greetings, I run a porn tube site that uses the retrotube theme from wp-script. I'm looking for a web developer/designer that can optimize my site even further, especially for mobile since that's where most of my traffic is from. My budget is $100, but we can discuss quotes or even hourly...
  15. Luqman Akhter

    New to Forum

    Hi every one, I am new to the forum and want welcome all the members of the this forum. I am a web developer and I am excited to get connected with professional in order to learn more about my profession. Thanks
  16. Cratos

    Need Web Developer for Business Directory Site Development and Customization

    I am looking for a web developer that is able to develop and customize a wordpress business directory site to desired specs. I have a business directory site that I want you to basically copy in terms of design and mainly functionality. The users must have the ability to insert their business...
  17. jonathan service

    Hello NooB here, Stay safe and well everyone

    Hi, My name is Jonathan, I primarily am a Web Developer and I run a web design company now from home due to these difficult times. I am mostly on this site as I was curious as to what was available through these forums, I must say I am surprised as to the level of things available. I have been...
  18. Anindya CHAKRAVORTY

    hello i am new here

    hello i am anindya ,i am freelancer web developer and Digital marketer. i am new here.
  19. CMG

    I need a web-developer/designer

    I need a web-designer/developer to take a look at a website and tell me how long it would take to create something similar and how much it would take.
  20. Intrucoder

    [GIVEAWAY] Free custom made website

    Hi BHWers, I'm Intruder and I'm a web designer and developer. Now, I'm not one of those $100 website designer from fiverr, who get a template from somewhere and make a website for their clients, so rest assured that you're going to get a website developed from the scratch with stock images...