web developer job

  1. A

    How to get order for new sellers in Fiverr

    Hi all, this is Avijit, I am a front end web and graphics designer. I am new in fiverr and I created several gigs there about web design and graphics design. I am getting impressions but not getting order. I have experience, talent but no review at all.Then how can I get click and order. Any...
  2. blackpenny

    I need a developer to clone a website

    Hello BHW members, as for the title, I need somebody to clone a website for me. The site itself (HTML, CSS) is quite easy and nothing fancy, but I'm interested in replicate the script(s) that run inside of it, I guess the tricky part of the job. I also want that the person will explain to me...
  3. kpenshoppe

    Hello BHW I'm new at this site.

    I am actually here because I am looking for someone who can build me a wapsite which in return i will pay a little please help me thank you.
  4. P

    Looking for webdeveloper to make responsive site!!!!!!!!

    I am looking for someone to build a responsive website with multiple pages, but also has a live admin panel running on the background. I need to be able to alter a specific code from the page while the user is on it. If you can make this, please send me a PM for further details.
  5. M

    looking for developer for movie site

    hi.. I am looking for a web developer for required changes in my movie site.... who has knowledge of APIs like Imbdapi/Open-load and it would be great if you have some previous experience in similar project ... budget is low.....