web developement

  1. R4v3nbl4ck

    How much do you (or would you) charge to build websites?

    Hi everyone, After losing my job, I've decided to become a freelancer and I'm wondering how much other freelancers charge for building websites. What do you think would be a competitive price for: 1. A simple WordPress website (installation, premium theme, plugins, logo, pages like about...
  2. htoolas

    How to redirect pc visitor to "X" link and phone visitor to "Y" link

    Hi, i want a html code or any method to redirect pc visitors to a pc offers and if the visitor using phone he will get phones offer. "something like smartlink"
  3. Negi Ji

    Help me with my website issue

    Hello, Please help me in solving the issue coming on my websites it says "Error establishing a database connection" I have hosted my website on google cloud and i am not able to solve this issue even though i search for the solution online. Please help me in solving that. Thank you
  4. curiousbro11

    high school graduate introduction

    Hello everyone! I just joined this forum. I am 17 years old high school graduate. I am coding my own website so I am here to learn various methods to monetize it, bring organic traffic and make website more SEO friendly. I hope to learn a lot of things from everyone here.
  5. Harrrr

    Question for web devs

    Hi I'm randomly doing website hero, in the code below I put a div to cover the hero part including the header to make a full screen hero background. Not sure whether it's done that way by other people. I'd just like to know. Here is the code <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta...
  6. joeybb

    [WTB] Scraper tool for various local websites

    Hi Im looking for a tool or perhaps a custom scraper to amalgamate local websites in the following niches - Local Classifieds websites - Local Newspapers - Local Real Estate Agencies Data would have to be live or at least updated often. If anybody can do this let me know Thanks
  7. jacksubbi

    Amazing Ecommerce WordPress Website Design at Affordable Price

    For More PM Me or Post on My Thread
  8. shags38

    [Advice Please] <H1> On Page vs Meta Title - Audit Result is Confusing

    is <H1> header tag 'on page' (content) OK in addition to page Meta Title (also <H1>)? This query relates to any page on (eCommerce) website - in this case specifically index (home) page. I am getting confusing audit results from SEOSiteCheckUp...dotcom vs Bing Webmaster Tools. Home page has...
  9. Hairein

    Free web services

    Hello guys! As mentioned in the title, I'm providing free web services that includes: Small fixes such as responsiveness and design adjustments SEO on page / off page Website speed optimization CMS included (WordPress, XenForo, IPB, MyBb and Shopify) Dropshipping consulting using Shopify...
  10. medosla97

    20k budget + Web Developping Skills (What do you suggest for me ?!)

    Hello everyone, I'm a newbie on that forum my name is med ^^, I am 21 years old. I started my career as a web developer since 2012 and i learned multiple programming languages... And i tried multiple domains on the internet marketing such as adsense working as a freelancer on upwork and...
  11. D

    I need help with logo size

    Hello everyone i have just started a website and my logo for pc is good size but on mobile its very small. Does anyone has idea how to make it bigger on mobile ? The website is shopify powered Link if you need to see it: http(s)://tripprepred.com/
  12. Aaman

    Next Level 2: Static vs. Dynamic Websites. Which is Best For SEO

    Hi Members, We all know there are lot of CMS platform where we develop websites like ( local business, eCommerce, and other things etc). Well i am looking for suggestions from the experts. Do you think Dynamic websites are much better, if we need to develop a local business directory search...
  13. Arzana Tabussum

    10 reasons, your should create your website in WordPress!

    Many organization or company does not use wordpress for there website. But do you know, you can make a WordPress platform by spending just a few dollars? and get Gorgeous and classy website? WordPress is a platform where you can easily organize your website content without any kind of coding...
  14. slickbrick

    [Hiring ASAP] Web Developer For "Buy&Share" Website

    Hey, I'm looking for a web designer/developer that can make a functional carbon copy of this website www.girada.com. It's going to be a Buy&Share website that's going to launch soon. Contact me with some examples of ecommerce websites you made and a quote. Thanks.
  15. P

    Looking for webdeveloper to make responsive site!!!!!!!!

    I am looking for someone to build a responsive website with multiple pages, but also has a live admin panel running on the background. I need to be able to alter a specific code from the page while the user is on it. If you can make this, please send me a PM for further details.
  16. R

    Woocommerce Registration Customization Expart

    I need My Site woocommerce registration customization if any One Expart PM Me Thanks R-k Graphics
  17. billobarber

    help me please!

    https://www.udemy.com/the-complete-web-developer-in-2018/ Anyone have coupon for this?
  18. aslanjan

    Do I need to be a web developer to do web design?

    I know that web development and design are interconnected spheres, but web development is about programming and design is about styling, drawing, etc. So do I need to learn those "fancy" programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery (and so on) to become a good web designer? And what...
  19. Sanjar

    Looking for someone to help me with design of my PBNs

    I used to design my PBN's myself and write the contents as well! I'm getting pretty busy nowadays and I might need a little of help! I'm looking for someone to take care of the design and contents of my PBN's! simple, good looking WordPress site and contents. I take care of the domain...
  20. D

    need upwork acc no zero work history, need a long term acc so quote your price

    hi traders/digital marketers/seo geniuses/freelancers, you've got it, yes i need, need special price for this. have offers but merely new and work history not that i need. thanks-