web designing services

  1. M

    Superb Web Design & Development! HTML, Wordpress, Custom CMS Services Fastest TAT

  2. M

    Just left college-starting my webdesigning business, need tips please!!

    First let me say that I have read numerous threads and I have done research and I am not necessarily asking for or expecting to "spoon fed" from this thread, I would just like to be pointed in the right direction. History (don't need to read) Okay, so as the thread days, I have just left...
  3. A

    Help With Wordpress Customizations

    Hi All I have a wordpress theme that I really like, but I would like to change the colors on it to "brand" it to a project I am working on. Someone on here suggested DreamWeaver, but let's be honest, some of us are good at certain things, and for me web design is not one of those things lol...
  4. g111k

    Premium Web and LP Design - Too much for BHW?

    First - this is not a pre-sell thread, mods delete it if you find that I'm breaking the rules, I apologize. Second - my dilemma. Since the start of my IM career I've done quite a bit of outsourcing... and what I found is that you can outsource pretty much anything, except for good design - it's...
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