1. TaiElonZuckerberg

    ProxyRack: Why You Should Avoid Them Due to Suspended Accounts, Unfulfilled Refunds, and Identity Mishandling

    I want to share my experience with ProxyRack and warn others about their unreliable service. Recently, both of my accounts were suspended without any clear explanation other than "risk management." When I asked for more information, they refused to give any further details. To make matters...
  2. TheCoin

    @cryptoniancs SCAMMER - I Paid $1100 (He pretend to run Google Ads for Crypto offers)

    Hello BHW admins and moderators, I suggest you guys to implement more rules and strict verification process for VIP/Premium members because is supposed to trust buying services from them in the Forum right! I am talking with this shit of SCAMMER @cryptoniancs - till on 12 May, 2022 after...
  3. LightZOS

    Had to wait almost a month to have two BST thread denied

    NOTE: This entire thread is just me Venting out some anger. I submit my first BST thread, I'm not a creative guy so I went to the marketplace and find a similar BST thread and copied their design. Their thread had more detailed description(describing why you should buy their service, unrelated...
  4. dotc0m

    New Instagram Captcha & 24Hr Account Review

    Hello, Just wanting to inform the community of some new warnings I encountered. I haven't seen these messages yet or heard them happen to anyone yet. Keep in mind I have mainly run accounts manually and all my accounts were created manually and ran manually. I have my own dedicated 4G modems...
  5. A

    Is Instagram targeting SMM Panels as 3rd party apps?

    So to give a little background info, I’ve been using a SMM Panel for Instagram for things like followers, likes, views, you name it. If you’re familiar with how this work, you don’t need to link IG with this since you’re simply creating an account and inserting your posts link or username to get...
  6. KJREDDY247@

    One of my Post Got Deleted here on BHW by MOD, does it add any negative value to my profile?

    Just now one of my posts got deleted by a MOD. I got a notification that my post was deleted does it mean I will get some negative effect on my BHW profile? If I could have got a warning message I could have deleted myself but I don't know it was deleted directly, Does something like this...
  7. USA282

    [Request] I don't mean to offend anyone - but please mods respond.

    I am aware of the fact that warnings are given to the members who spam or violate the rules of this thread. I totally favor this but recently I got an infraction of 3 points for something which was absolutely unintentional. Okay I get it, intentional or unintentional but I still broke the rules...
  8. Daltonmediastudio

    Scammed by cheappanel and his owner called ifti from bangledsh

    HEY BHW members i want to warn you about smm panel called cheappanel at first i will tell my story with him: he agreed with me to provide him with facebook page likes and tell me he will send me some before and some after .at first he sent me 50$ and say to trust him and forward more orders for...
  9. BK Baunthiyal

    Warning points

    I'm new member here and i have seen a post an othere member having a problem with getting there payment because paypal i now wornking in there country and i think to help him thats why i replyed to his post that i hv a veryfied paypal account you can snd me you money and i buy bitcoin for you...
  10. SlickSocials

    [INFO]SMM Exploiting Client! & How to deal with him! (Pending Transactions)

    Hey guys seen few threads before that on the same issue. Basicly there is someone who buys with E-Checks & Bank Transfers And exploit the Paypal IPN that most of us are connected to! all the information provided the right way, this person stole money from me around $2500 75% of the lose i...
  11. PChanger

    A Warning

    Just saw this for the first time on Instagram: Figured I'd post here about it and warn you guys. You have to make your accounts look 100% real if you want it to work out. ~Luke
  12. MegaD8

    Warning for those of you on Fiverr!

    If you're just starting out on Fiverr, you may have heard of the ''buy your own gigs method'' which basically consists of boosting your sales by creating accounts in order to buy your gigs and eventually get better ranking. I did that once and it worked perfectly but I quickly realized I needed...
  13. bossofthebosses

    Warning Points & BST?

    So here: Marketplace rules => No mention of 'warning points' But in this thread => he tried to open a BST and 'Yoda' told him that he can't create a BST because he has an 'active warning' and can't create a thread until... => 'active warning' - does it mean 'warning points'? => If it is, then...
  14. R

    [Urgent] Facebook Warnings Dispute! Please Help!

    Recently I received a few warnings and temporary blocks for nudity on Facebook, but I don't believe the posts had nudity according to facebooks rules, they not show nipples, genitals or butt. What can I do to dispute these warnings or ask Facebook to review their decision with these posts. What...
  15. gogamer

    Leaving Facebook Warning - Loosing all traffic! Please Help!

    Hi! I have a recipe related WP site, and a 300K facebook fanpage with a lot of active reader. I share my new recipe links on facebook (max 1 per day), and get a lot of traffic to my site. (in the past...) But I just realized that there are strange "peak times" in my analytics at the...
  16. F

    WARNING! BE aware with SKYPE USER @lionheadservices TIM SELPH

    I made a deal with him in JULY, 6 (he said he could remove my followers in my INSTAGRAM Account) for 150$ and he never did the job and he didn't refund me the money. BE AWARE OF HIM!!!! He's a thief!!!!
  17. E

    Here to warn you: FileIce

    Hey there fellow BHW members. I was told to put this thread in the lounge so here I am trying to warn you about this so called survey website. (P.S: English is not my native tongue so please excuse me for any grammatical mistakes) I was not going to put up such a thread since nothing really...
  18. sn0rt

    New Facebook Limits!

    So I created afb page and it started becoming popular acquiring a few likes. Not too many likes, but I guess a little faster than what most fb pages get when they first launch. That's where my mistake was. Probably should've slowed down the rate in which the page was receiving likes as soon...
  19. F

    Using facebook to do CPA offers? How to get around the spam filter warning page

    When I started using facebook to get people to do CPA offers the problem I had was fb making my links go to a warning page saying that it was a malicious or spam site they were about to visit. This ruins conversions. So the trick I figured out is two steps. First shorten your url using bit.ly...
  20. N

    Be careful of public proxies -warning

    For those of you who are using public proxies, be very careful. Public anonymous proxies sometimes switch and reveal your ip address which becomes a security issue after a while. Here is a little experiment. For those of you who have scrape box, do this: 1. Gather proxies using scrape...
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