1. ard

    Walmart Reviews and Ratings for Sellers - Get Walmart Reviews and Ratings for your products

    Every day, there are new listings on the Walmart marketplace and it is difficult to standout for customers to trust and to purchase your products. You know that customer feedback is essential for your store to reach its potential and improve your relationships with customers. But you're...
  2. Jaz

    Walmart Announces Partnership with Litecoin {NOW CONFIRMED FAKE}
  3. ItsMeFox

    ** Selling Aged Walmart Accounts 3+ Years **

    I am selling aged Walmart Accounts 3+ Years Walmart accounts may have done a few purchases or don't have at all but you will be able to see its history until 2018 the accounts created before 2018 but Walmart allow to see the history since 2018 only The Price 25$ Per Aged Walmart Account...
  4. W

    Need Walmart Non-Verified 60 Reviews

    Hi, I have to post 3 products x 20 reviews of each, please let me know if you can do it.
  5. T

    Walmart steps up competition with Amazon by fulfilling orders for third-party vendors

    Walmart is debuting Walmart Fulfillment Services. Third-party vendors will be able to pay Walmart to store, pack and ship items. The move could speed up deliveries to customers by increasing the number of marketplace items with two-day or next day shipping. Source...

    Walmart API for Content Egg plugin.

    Hi.I'm new to walmart and affiliate programs. I started building a website with content egg plugin pro and i can't figure out how to get api keys. i registered on com and it is pending review .In that account i saw some auth token and account SID. But when i searched on...
  7. stephen021

    [Need Help] Problem on getting Developer access to Walmart API

    I was trying to create an account for Developer access to Walmart API. After entering the all the details, it's showing that Confirmation mail is sent to the email address, but I have not received any email yet. It's been 3 days now. I tried multiple times but still facing the same issue. I...
  8. N

    How to get approved for the affiliate programms like Walmart, Target, Amazon ?

    Hello guys ! Here is the thing. I'm from Ukraine and I'm trying to find any offers for USA (since I have a significant database of customers from USA) to use them for my e-mail marketing sendings. I tried to create the new account at clickbank, walmart, amazon, target and I wasn't approved in...
  9. J

    Help (Re)Finding an App/Software

    I remember seeing an arbitrage app or software or SAAS a while back that was supposed to be able to scrape Walmart-com and other online stores for a specific niche and compare the prices with those already on Amazon. It would also do an analysis as to whether or not the specific items would be...
  10. TigerShadow

    Walmart Stealth?

    So I'm pretty acclimated with amazon and ebay, I also know from my reading some ppl also do etsy stealth's, but I have thought about getting into the Walmart game, but when I apply myself or with friend (non stealth) they either never respond or deny the app. I wanted to see if anyone here had...
  11. D

    Walmart Drop Ship Vendors

    Dear I am a new walmart supplier center. And i have some difficulities in item-set up, shipping ,label and so on. If you are interested in walmsrt supplier center or you are ,please PM me and i am happy to chat with you.We can talk more about Walmart and get more business. Thanks a lot.
  12. kurosaki4d

    Does Walmart allows Dropshipping ?

    Hello, I entend to start my online dropshipping business with Walmart products, i would like to know if they allow Dropshipping ? That been said, i make order with different addresses each time and different billing addresses will that create problems for me and ban my account maybe ? Thank you
  13. A

    how can i use Walmart for dropshipping

    Hi, guys i need a help! i can't buy on walmart i'm outside the US it necessary that you should have an us paypal account ?? : / there is any other solution for this problem please.
  14. MicroBit-OMS

    Walmart sales growth and impact of Product / Keyword Ranking.

    Hi Walmart Sellers! First of all, I beg pardon for my bad English, I hope you guys will consider me as I'm not a native English speaker. Today I'm going to share an SEO idea for Walmart Business and hope this will help the Walmart sellers as well as other e-commerce sellers. It's high time to...
  15. hculiver3rd

    Selling My Toy Product On Amazon: Help Advice Needed.

    Hello Hatters, I have a kids product that I actually manufacture and sell on Amazon(.)com. I was wanting to know some Marketing, SEO, & type things I could do to boost sales and traffic... or affiliates I could hook up with in selling my product. Any help, info or brilliant ideas will be...
  16. OmegaPoint

    Walmart added 2 day shipping

    So walmart now has free 2 day shipping on orders over $35 without a yearly fee. I doubt there's many items to resell from them. But didn't see any other post about it and thought I would mention it in case anyone wanted another option for their shopify or whatever...
  17. Mominul Islam

    How I can purchase walmart gift card

    Hi, How I can purchase Walmart gift card? Can I give feedback by giftcard purchase?
  18. K

    Any former/current walmart employees

    Have some specific questions / ideas to ask, if you are a current/former walmart employee reply here / PM me. Have few ideas that have a very high money making potential, of course all legit.
  19. cburton81

    How I made over $4000 selling the New PS4 & Xbox ONE

    I'm posting this to give you guys a possible model to follow and to get your creative juices flowing when looking for ways to make money. 1. I signed up for the Amazon Associates, Walmarts Affiliate and Gamestops affiliate programs. (I only ended up selling from Amazon and Walmart) 2. I...
  20. cburton81

    Walmart & Samsclub Wholesale Lots Available - U.S. Clients Only! - Resellers Dream!

    Walmart & Samsclub Wholesale Lots Available - U.S. Clients Only! - Resellers Dream! This is Great for Ebay, Amazon & Craigslist Sellers Best way to become a Powerseller! PM me your Email Address and I'll send you our Current Inventory List or to Skype ID cburton81 for a quicker response