1. Dark Hat 007

    Question for CloudWays users

    Since Digital Ocean bought Cloudways and has been calling to suggest we switch from Vultr HF to Digital Ocean Premium, would you be switching? They cloned my server to DO, and I recently pointed my DNS to the servers, but the speed is not as good as Vultr HF and many sites and comparisons...
  2. mon3y4me


    DigitalOcean is a cloud hosting provider that offers cloud computing services and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Linode is a cloud hosting provider that focuses on providing Linux powered virtual machines to...
  3. Z

    [[CLOUD ACCOUNT SELLING]] ■Azure■Amazon AWS■Vultr■Google Cloud■Kamatera■Digitalocean■Linode■

    LIST OF CLOUDS STORE ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ Amazon AWS: 25$ Azure: 35$ Digitalocean: 30$ Vultr 205$ Credit: 35$ Google Cloud 300$: 55$ Kamatera Port 25: 35$ Linode: 35$ CONTACT DETAILS Telegram: @ziogila2 (Click here) Payment Accepted BTC,USDT, BUSD, LTC, ETH, XMR, Paypal, Wise, Payoneer If you buy...
  4. Norman_drey

    Hetzner vs vultr vps pricing

    Hi. I recently came across this 2 powerful vps server and I'm thinking which one to choose in starting my hosting company, Vultr offers: 1TB bandwidth, 1GB memory, 25GB storage for $5/m While Hetzner offers: 20TB bandwidth, 2GB memory, 20GB for €4.51 Please make your suggestions for my new web...
  5. Ndiqi

    AWS 5K, 10K Credits ✅ AZURE 1K, 5K Credits ❤️ Google Cloud, Oracle, Vultr, DigitalOcean, Alibaba Cloud

    Hi there, Welcome, we're selling cloud accounts. 1. AWS Credits Account Credits are usable for the following services Note that the account only usage is EC2, seller is not responsible with the way other AWS services may require buyer to meet certain requirement to unlock the service before...
  6. Spacexvega

    which vultr vps package is the best for social media automation tasks

    First time im going to use a vps so i have some rookie questions. Vultr happens to have several vps packages but its also confusing for a newbie to understand which one is the right choice for social media automation.
  7. BacklinkDotNet

    ✅Selling DigitalOcean | Linode | Vultr | Google Cloud | Azure | Port 25 Open✅

    Use these Cloud accounts for Hosting your websites, PBNs, or Cloud Storage, Emailing, and Streaming Purposes. 1. DigitalOcean account for Hosting (Port Closed: 20$) Comes with a Promo of 100$, Valid for 12 months. (With a 5$ droplet, you can host your website for free on Digitalocean for 12...
  8. CloudCreator

    [WTS] First hand Cloud Accounts Linode | Port 25 | Azure | Oracle | AWS | SES | Vultr | Gcloud

    I am not a reseller , I am creator of all accounts. So all can be assured for Quality accounts Linode Port SMTP 25 open account with $100 credit and 20 IPs Limit - Price $70 AWS SES 50K (North Virginia) - Price $500-$600 (Depend on region and quantity) Azure Trial Or pay as go account -...
  9. peachseo

    Get Digital Ocean and Vultr Account with $100 Credit

    We are offering Digital Ocean Account with $100 Credit Price $20 We are offering Vultr Account with $100 Credit Price $25 FAQ'S What are the TAT? TAT are 24 to 48 hours What is the Refund Policy? We are offering 12 hours checking warranty if you face any issues in accounts we will...
  10. Senha@

    {Selling} Azure| Linode | Vultr| AWS SES 50K |Hetzner | Google Cloud |Digital ocean |Port 25 open Clouds

    Selling Cloud Accounts For Storage , Email Sending , Streaming and other purpose AWS SES 50K Region- N.virginia,Oregon,Frankfaurt Price- 500$ to 600$ (Depend on region and quantity) Digital Ocean 100$ credit Port 25 close -21$ Digital ocean Port 25 Open - 25$ Linode Port 25 Open- 65$...
  11. sxopetjs

    How to Clean UP Disk, memory, server logs and unnecessary data from ubuntu 20.04

    Hello friends, I am using digital ocean hosting and install WordPress there. I don't have any idea about little bit command of ubuntu Please help me, how to clean up the memory, clean the disk space, clean the server logs files and clean all unnecessary data that auto-generate and taking a...
  12. Bloodseeker

    Any cheap RunCloud or Cloudways alternative?

    I want a server management tool like RunCloud and Cloudways that is even cheaper. Cloudways is the cheapest among the both but it offers less flexibility. Cloudways costs a minimum of $10 per month = $5 for server + $5 for the management layer $5 for the server is fine. I want software that...
  13. R

    How To Create Website With Vps Hosting in 5 Min (DigitalOceon,Vultr etc)

    How To Create Website With Vps Hosting in 5 Min (DigitalOceon,Vultr etc) and How To Install Free Tracking To Track Your CPA Campaigns.
  14. homeriscool

    Can Anyone Explain How to Install A Wordpress Theme on Cyberpanel ?

    Hi all, I just moved over from Siteground to Vultr with cyberpanel installed. I have installed wordpress but cannot install theme. I try to upload theme and i keep getting the following message - 403 Forbidden Access to this resource on the server is denied! can anyone help or post a link...
  15. homeriscool

    Should I Stay with Siteground or Move to a Vultr / Digital Ocean VPS?

    Hi all, my Siteground renewal fees are going to hit me month so I need to take action. Siteground web hosting renewal fees for me are as follows - 1 year £214 2 year £344 (save 20% ) 3 year £451 (save 30% ) Or do I move my sites to Vultr or DO? I don't know how to install or migrate...
  16. doctorhm007

    Does this have any negative impact on my SEO or rankings?

    Hello, yesterday I migrated my site from Hostgator to Vultr, and as you know the first step was to install a fresh installation on the new server IP: server_ip/wp-admin, after that I updated DNS. Now I can access my site from the domain AND the new server ip. My question is: does it have an...
  17. Rick Ferraz

    Vultr vs. DCMA

    Hi guys, i really have a doubt about Vultr, once i asked them if i could host an adult tube with them, a guy from support said that i could only host the website, no pictures (including thumbnails), but i saw that "all4share / gfxfull" (which is a big piracy website) has an ad for Vultr, i don't...
  18. thecoolhascome

    Looking for good hosting

    Hello all, I am currently looking for a lowkey cloud hosting provider which has hourly VPS’s and is not digitalocean, vultr, linode, google, or any of those. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks
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