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    Need a Bot programer for paid online voting manipulation

    A Customer of mine has some items discussed on blogs. these blogs show on google. every vpn can vote on the blog usually. the manipulation is very easy: i need a bot that changes fpn and does a 5 star rating so that in the end it is a pretty natural voting that happened. with like around 150-200...
  2. B

    Voting for sites in google

    yo...i know im not bugging...i was just now googling something and realized there is a lil transparent arrow where u can vote for a site...was that always there or is it something new??...nonetheless i just voted for my own gonna change my ip addy and cc and do it wondering...
  3. Y

    how to make a Voting Page?

    hi guys, is there a template system or easy, quick way to create a simple voting page with two questions and once the user clicks 'vote' it takes them to an offers page? Or, is there a smarter thing to do after they click vote (i.e. is there a way to truly maximise the traffic). The...
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