visual basics

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    Trying to copy a company's receipt with the same printer as them. How do I speak to this printer?

    I'm attempting to make a receipt that looks nearly identical to a receipt by a specific business. I want everything to look exactly the same except for the information within the receipt. e.g. Logo, address, items, prices, etc. So I bought the exact same printer as them.An Epson printer (Model...
  2. K

    Looking for twitter tool that can...

    Anyone owns or knows a software that can manage multiple twitter accounts? Looking for a tool that can tweet and retweet. Basically what tool I am looking for has these process: clear history and cache > change proxy > login to to twitter > post a tweet/retweet > delay(customizable) > repeat...
  3. R

    Visual basic..

    How to start learning visual basic.... can anyone suggest..
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