1. S

    What high-risk payment providers I can use to start selling Reddit UpVotes?

    What high-risk payment providers I can use to start selling Reddit UpVotes? can anyone guide me if possible?
  2. S

    Visa payment provider, for Reddit upvotes

    I see shops like and others have visa payments linked to their website using stripe, isn't that against stripe TOS? I am just asking cuz I want to link them to my website as well, I want to give it a try and sell Reddit upvotes, will that get me banned from stripe? is there any...
  3. S

    Any tips on stripe visa payments before I link it to my website?

    Would stripe block my account if I tried to sell any boosting services?
  4. nabillolz

    How Can i Move to Europe ?

    Hey guys, I live in a Third World country where it's illegal to make money online. I want to move to EU (France,Belgium,Switzerland,Norway) or any other tier-1 EU country i can't apply for Visa no degree no real bank account etc.. I make around 20-30K a month. What are my Options ? any GLITCHs ...
  5. Crypto Marketing

    Visa, PayPal, Western Union Among Fall Flurry of Crypto Trademark Filings Exciting big names in the list. It will be crazy if these trademarks turn into actual products. According to Visa's fillings, the firm is contemplating a "cryptocurrency wallet," describing it as...
  6. S

    Can anyone recommend a payment provider which allows an ecommerce site to accept credit cards, but pays the merchant in cryptocurrency?

    Hello BHW hive mind! I have someone asking me if their e-commerce site (which currently only accepts crypto) can also accept credit cards. Problem is their website's subject matter is considered 'high risk' to most payment providers and they are generally unable to use big conventional credit...
  7. alurosu

    VISA Completes First Cryptocurrency Transaction on Ethereum

    We're in the end game now. Sauce:
  8. bestspinner

    How im using crypto to generate VCC Visa

    Using this service Install their chrome extension, if you don't trust their extension use chrome browser like Brave if you use Google Chrome for main browser. I don't have a Coinbase, so I use Bitcoin Lightning to fund the card. I installed Muun wallet on phone...
  9. SilvanoNap

    Payment Solutions

    Anyone know of a method where the customer can pay with a visa and the recipient can receive them in cryptocurrency? Example: Company Banxa do it, but in the transaction before the card details, they ask for many details, such as ID photos. That does not make us.
  10. SellingStealth

    Preloaded VCCs | Custom Address | Multi-Year Use | Auto-order

    Welcome to VCCFinder: We offer virtual visa cards that can be used almost anywhere online. Simply choose the amount you want preloaded on the card, set a name and address, and your card will be delivered. These are high quality cards that can be used for years. All cards can be easily...
  11. J

    [WTB] Virtual credit cards in bulk

    Hello I want to buy VCC on daily base. I need them at least 5 per day, sometimes even more. It will be used mostly for paypal, azure and some other services for verification.
  12. Temkaab

    VISA Issue

    Hi Everyone! I study in the USA and I have an F-1 Visa. The law says international students must not work off-campus while studying. Has anyone done something online business such as Freelancing, UserTesting, or AdSense under F-1 Visa? I am thinking about getting paid through Payoneer and...
  13. kingkomarac

    Wirex and PayPal?

    Hello. Does anyone have such a combination? I want to open a Wirex account and transfer money from PayPal account to a VISA card issued by Wirex. Later on use that card to pay for stuff in local stores. Does anyone do that? If yes, what are the fees, how does it go and so on.... Thanx a lot Can...
  14. K

    Which USA Based CPA Network Has The Best Email Submit/Sweepstakes Offers?

    I'm looking for Reputable CPA Networks Located in the United States with the most and best email submit and sweepstakes offers like Win Free iPhone, Win Free Amazon Giftcard, Win Free $500 Visa Giftcard etc.
  15. D

    Visa Prepaid card - unable to use it for online purchases

    I'm having big problems using prepaid cards. These are onevanilla cards. I log them into onevanilla .com and assign a zip code. For example, I have tried to use them on seoclerks (i even create an account there with a dedicated proxy ip from the same zip code I registered the card on). I...
  16. mastertanvir

    Easy country to migrate in Europe as an Internet Marketer

    I am a web developer as well as an internet marketer. I am from a third world country where living is not so convenient. I plan to migrate to a country in Europe for much facilities. There are also some problems to get visas for our country. Easy way is getting temporary student visa by...
  17. W

    Need bulk vcc

    Looking to buy bulk vcc's for cheap, preferably with no balance loaded. Will buy batch by batch - if successful, will be buying repeatedly.
  18. Lukmat

    Stripe - alternative - big list Huge list of credit card faciliators, it means in most of them you don't need to pay mastercard/visa fee. They are like Stripe.
  19. M

    WTB Visa/Master Card

    Hello BHW members, I'm looking for someone who can provide me Visa/Master Card. Let me know with your best price.
  20. HackerczExtreme

    How to withdraw money from OneVanilla Gift Card?

    Hello, I got onevanilla gift card with 50$ and im not from USA, so I cant withdraw it locally or buy anything with it. I tried to add it to paypal with US VPS, but when i try to send money as friends and family it says that there were some problems and I should contact support. So with paypal it...
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