visa card

  1. Openpaycard

    ❇️ Secret Method - Get VCC for Pay Online, Subscription, Media Buying, Shopping & so on... ✅ Trusted Virtual Cards ❌ Don't Miss Out!

    Today, I'm here to tell you about a reliable source for creating virtual credit cards that can help save you money. This isn't just a method at all, It's a sales thread + method (both combined). I created this company with the goal of making online payments simpler and more convenient for...
  2. A

    Payment gateway : Want to accept card payment as and individual

    Hi everyone So i'm planning to start selling sole services online , And one of the payment methods I want to ACCEPT IS CARD payment (mastercard/visa) since majority of costumers i'm targeting are using cards . i want to be able to generate a link where people can pay directly witbout a website...
  3. Moonfrog


  4. M

    Need Visa VCCs accepted by sportsbetting sites

    Hello, I need Visa VCCs accepted by sportsbetting sites like bet365. Comment to this post or pm me, thanks
  5. E

    Cheap Visa Card

    How can I make virtual credit card for free. or which are the trusted website from where I can buy below 5$.
  6. Angelina744

    FREE Visa VCC

    I will giveaway 5 VCC's, to the first 5 who is going to PM me. The card contains $1.5 and can be use for AWS, Oracle and more except for Paypal. Note: 1 VCC each member only. Thank you!
  7. the gent

    PayPal Address change

    Hi y'll Can i change my home address on PayPal without any problem, or account being limited or closed for Suspicious Activity ?? as Paypal is going nuts these days! Or did someone withdraw fund to their bank account by VCC, even if the home address is different on both account ?
  8. kingkomarac

    Wirex and PayPal?

    Hello. Does anyone have such a combination? I want to open a Wirex account and transfer money from PayPal account to a VISA card issued by Wirex. Later on use that card to pay for stuff in local stores. Does anyone do that? If yes, what are the fees, how does it go and so on.... Thanx a lot Can...
  9. Ezzocard

    Ezzocard Virtual Cards - Instant Delivery, International Billing, AVS

    Dear friends, We are happy to present our high class Virtual Card service! We offer virtual prepaid Visa and Mastercard Cards issued by US and Canadian banks. Ezzocard Virtual Cards easy to Use for Secure Shopping. VCC will get you access to shopping worldwide. We provide different types...
  10. vcc

    Instant virtual credit cards (VCC) For Paypal / google ads / Google Cloud / Amazon Aws And Moz Pro

    What is a “Virtual Visa Credit Card”? Virtual Visa credit cards are Digital version of Visa Credit Card that are Virtually issued by the credit card provider, after payments you will get the all card info, with which you can shop freely in the online at all sites that accept the VISA Card...
  11. kurosaki4d

    Alternatives to Entropay ?

    Hello, I have been using Entropay for quite sometime and their services have been quite useful to me, but as some of you know that their services came to end a couple of weeks ago. That been said, i would like to know if there is any other alternative i can turn to for virtual cards. Most of...
  12. N

    free guide 2018 tutorial for credit card .......amazing

    hi all . I just wanted to share this free guide for cc realy realy is amazing tips and tricks for cc .....all tutorial for beginner and expert free download
  13. HackerczExtreme

    Withdraw MONEY from OneVanilla Visa Gift Card

    Hi guys, I got onevanilla gift card with 50$ and im not from USA, so I cant withdraw it locally or buy anything with it. I tried to add it to paypal with US VPS, but when i try to send money as friends and family it says that there were some problems and I should contact support blah blah. So...
  14. SonOfJat

    Vanilla Visa Gift Card

    I got a visa gift card from one of my client. But it's not working on paypal. Any solution why it's not working on paypal. I've used Vanila Visa gift cards on paypal before and never had problem. This time paypal showing errors such as "sorry something went wrong, please try again later"from...
  15. HackerczExtreme

    How to withdraw money from OneVanilla Gift Card?

    Hello, I got onevanilla gift card with 50$ and im not from USA, so I cant withdraw it locally or buy anything with it. I tried to add it to paypal with US VPS, but when i try to send money as friends and family it says that there were some problems and I should contact support. So with paypal it...
  16. andrew johnes

    Visa outage: payment chaos after card network crashes
  17. shandler13


    Hello, I'm new here. I think 3 weeks old. As a thank you. I'll be giving 20 VCC to BHW members. 1 per member. Each VCC has a random balance. Most of it have 0.1$ and 0.15$. Comment to this thread what VCC do you need and PM me because I can't send a pm first.
  18. virtualexperts

    I need virtual mastercard which is supported by Amazon

    Hello guys i am looking for virtual MasterCard/visa card/amex with $60-$100 load inside. I am looking for 20 cards but first i will buy 1-2 to check if it works i will buy more and more.
  19. korshen

    USA processing

    Hey, guys! I hope that you help me. I have a website with processing Visa/MC payments. But some time ago most of the payments are declined (3d secure, anti-fraud etc.) but I know that it's normal customers, not scammers. So I want to change my processing, but don't know any good processing what...
  20. Crusage

    First choice pay or paxum? Which can withdraw to paypal or a visa card

    I am signing up for crakrevenue right now. And at the end of the signup it asks for different payment methods. The methods are: "Check, Wire, First choice pay or Paxum." Which of these methods can transfer money to paypal or a visa card? And which are the safest?
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