virtual machine

  1. V

    Virtual Machine Configuration?

    So, i just got into botting on mmorpg, and the guy that i bought my bot for say, it's better if i buy their package which including proxy, and VM's configuration. what is this VM's configuration?, is it really usefull in botting?, or i'm just getting duped?
  2. techbeastzz

    Bot showing this error So i run the bot in cmd but at the end it shows this, i already posted this problem few moments ago but not received solution. I can give you access of my machine to check the problem, please help me with it.
  3. DulalKisku

    Need help to make money from Azure $5000 credit.

    I got azure credit, I am ready to do JV as well. Please suggest me some ways to make money out of it. I know reskinning codes, I am pretty good on graphics design, my problem is I have no money to invest right now just the credits from Microsoft Founders Hub.
  4. T

    VM fingerprint

    Hi Guys, I do have a question regarding Virtual Machines. I run a few VMs on the same computer because I need to run multiple applications and don't want to log in and out on one computer. It is working fine for now but I am a bit worried that I might get flagged sometime in the future. Is...
  5. O

    Run Android on PC WITHOUT EMULATOR. VPS?

    Hello, im searching for a "platform" or a "service" where i can run an Android from my PC. It can be basically everything, but it MUST NOT run on BlueStacks or any other emulator for PC. I thought about something like a VPS just like for Windows, just with Android, instead of Windows. Like...
  6. 7

    Cleaning photos with Anti-detect browsers?!

    Hi, I've been using an anti-detect browser instead of a virtual machine to dropship from Ali -> eBay. Everything seems to be going fine. However, I was thinking about one crucial part of the listing process. As most of you know, it is necessary to clean all aliexpress photos before uploading...
  7. D

    Multilogin Vs. VM

    Hey guys, I want to start warming accounts and use both FB and Google. My question is what's better? 1. To use Multilogin and proxy then google might notice I'm on the same computer but a different browser (the multi login job). 2. use VM for each new account, this way the computer and...
  8. B

    need a Filipino worker with coding , virtual machine,social media and emulator experience

    musta na ? need a few projects done for instagram facebook tik tok reddit tinder contact me please
  9. TomTheCat

    Android like operating system

    While googling, I stumbled upon a operating system that is based on Android, called Bliss OS. I did not test if it works on a VM or how much RAM/CPU it needs, but from pictures is a better alternative if you are looking to run multiple instances of Android manually. Hope is useful to someone. DYOR
  10. sentiel123

    Need advice about VM and VPN

    Hello, Sorry if I am posting in a wrong place. I found information about using VPNs with Virtual Machines were its mentioned that you should use VPN on either on Host or on VM However wouldn't it create higher anonymity if you use VPN on host and add another VPN in VM? Thank you in...
  11. A

    Having problems with Linux installing apps... showing me error message. PLEASE HELP

    Kali Linux 2019.1 vbox unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get-update or try with --fix missing? THIS is the error message i keep getting and cant seem to fix it. The exact message shown is this: root@kali:~# sudo apt-get install terminator Reading package lists... Done Building...
  12. S


    I need a freelancer experienced with working with Kali Linux as well as virtual machines and using the program “Metasploit” I’m looking to gain help properly configuring my network and am willing to pay out if configured properly with no issues at all please contact me or leave your skype name !!
  13. T

    I need advice on a Virtual Computer .

    Hi I'm new on this forum. I need advice on how to go about getting a virtual machine where I can run heavyweight activities instead of choking my laptop's space and memory. Thanks in advance:).
  14. nichefoxscout

    Work completely anonymous on 100s accounts from anywhere

    With some automation you can basically clone other peoples content to your own website and place your ads on it. This way you don't need to come up with content yourself and you already know the content is great if you take viral content. For this I'm looking for a completely anonymous way to...
  15. be9hop

    Looking for software to manage multiple browser profiles, any experience?

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to get other opinions on what the "best" solution would be to manage multiple browser profiles. Currently I have all my profiles in PVATool since I used it to create the gmail accounts. I've tried a few solutions but wanted to get others experience before making the leap...
  16. clark123

    Any Suggestion of Virtual Machine provider?

    Hi, Anyone has a good suggestion on Virtual Machine provider where I can use window OS. I just want to run simple off the shelf forex software on it 24/7 with my custom built bot. Dont need lots of storage but it does require good internet speed, 3-4gb RAM. I am looking at...
  17. D

    Using Virtual Machine With eBay and PayPal

    Looking to move to virtual machines and wanted to know if this is still okay, I will be wanting to access my accounts from aboard and I can use remote desktop for my pc and then simply open the virtual machines to access the accounts - something that would be impossible using user accounts. I...
  18. H

    Hi, New to BHW and Need Help with Facebook Accounts and BM

    Hi everyone, I'm glad to be a part of the community! I am trying to warm up aged Facebook accounts, (8+ years) that I purchased online, to use business manager for advertising . I use a virtual machine and proxies, verified phone numbers, location matching and multiple pictures. Unfortunately...
  19. Xpert_IT_Lab

    Need to install Windows 7 inside Amazon AWS

    I have Amazon AWS with Windows server 2016. Now I need to install windows 7 inside of this. Is anyone here able to do this. And you can check this video to clear my requirement. In this video he installed Windows 10. But I need Windows 7 with Minimum 8GB RAM.
  20. liima10

    Solution for my problem

    Hi. A noob here. If I had to have a program running at all times with my computer turned off, what would be the solution? A VPS or a virtual machine or something else? Thanks in advance
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