virtual assistants

  1. dbs00

    Hiring 5 temp Virtual Asistants for random chatting in ENGLISH

    Hiring up to 5 temporary VAs for random chatting in ENGLISH in a discord channel to make it look more popular. 2-3 weeks GIG preferable people from different timezones you'll use multiple discord ids and engage with other ppl from there, with yourself lol ( hence > using multiple discords)...
  2. V

    Hirings VA’s (virtual assistants) and need a team of 10 or more!

    I’m looking for a team of virtual assistants , mainly for video editing for social media. You need to have phenomenal editing skills. Other typical VA skills are needed. Message me, hiring now!
  3. Sofiamartinez

    FREE Review Copies [FREE Virtual Assistants] - SEO VA + Data Entry VA + Design VA + Social Media VA

    I am offering a FREE TRIAL of my Virtual Assistants as we have added more VAs To our team recently. You can do a test trial of 4 hours to 6 hours with any of the tasks related to SEO VA, Content VA, Data Entry VA, Social Media VA or Design VA. Sales Thread...
  4. S

    Virtual Assistant to Scrape Emails & Data Files

    I am looking for a Virtual Assistant to assist with the following job: I have a spreadsheet of <10,000 contacts. Columns include contact name and company name. Each company name will need to be googled to find the company url (always the first result). Each company url will have an employee...
  5. CaesarRomanus

    High Authority Blog (TF 59, DA 55) Looking for SEO VA

    I have a high authority blog. I'm looking to hire an SEO Virtual Assistant to help me with SEO. It will primarily be link building, but maybe some technical SEO and on page assistance). I have many extremely high authority links to my site from sites like the New York Times, Washington Post...
  6. D

    looking for a pinterest virtual assistant

    I am looking for a Pinterest virtual assistant that knows how to design grabbing pins and about Pinterest Keywords, so I can get traffic to my travel blog posts. Write down your rates and service you offer and I will message you back with more details and if I am interested.
  7. RoseWinters

    Need a web developer for an interactive gaming website

    We need a website with some interactive features as follows. But before, about the site: it will be a gaming website aimed at newcomers to video games. We need: - A virtual assistant to guide through a simple process. - An interactive landing page where first-time visitors can choose between...
  8. santhej

    Virtual Assistant Service Joint Venture (Cheap And Affordable VA's)

    I run a Virtual Assistants agency in India. I am looking for members who can get companies and other people to sign up for our VA services which you will be paid for. Ideally i'm looking for members who : 1. Are Good with Networking and Communication Skills. 2. Willing to go and talk to...
  9. Abudence

    Do $1/hour virtual assistants still exsist?

    So it's been like 3 years since I personally have paid someone over the internet $0.95/hour. That one particular person does not charge that rate anymore and is sticking away from the VA feild all together. Was that the last of his kind or are there still cheap little guys out there? I used...
  10. santhej

    Top Notch Virtual Assistant Service Starting at $2.5/hr [ Rave Reviews Inside]

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  11. petrovski

    Required: Data entry worker

    Looking for very basic research/data entry. Starts right away. Will be looking up contact information online and putting it into a database. PM me your rate for this, or reply in this post. Will pay via paypal after day 1 (3hrs completed), then weekly pay after that. I will remove listing...
  12. L

    How to avoid being fooled by remote VAs

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to give some tips when it comes to outsourcing and hiring virtual assistants. As you may know, some might have bad experiences with regards to hiring online virtual assistants and to avoid having the same kind of problems, which I encountered myself. Here are some...
  13. B

    Why Hire a Virtual Assistant

    Small business owners face a lot of challenges in their days and one of the biggest challenges that most of them face is having too much to do. It doesn?t matter if the business is doing really well or if it is stumbling along (and could be doing better). Business owners of all types of...
  14. NemoTheOne

    Hiring VAs - Team WorldWide - All Locations Welcome

    The subject says it all. The stars have aligned and I must expand in the things that I am doing. With that said I need to hire some VAs. I've had some success in hiring some reputable people - some flakes as well. That's the business. Even if you do not have much experience but would like a...