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  1. V

    Hirings VA’s (virtual assistants) and need a team of 10 or more!

    I’m looking for a team of virtual assistants , mainly for video editing for social media. You need to have phenomenal editing skills. Other typical VA skills are needed. Message me, hiring now!
  2. 2

    Best Virtual Assistant

    Looking to hire a virtual Assistant Must be good at emailing and HTML code I need them to send our weekly emails to our affilates Please let me know if youre good for the job! Thanks all Best Regards
  3. S

    Virtual Assistant to Scrape Emails & Data Files

    I am looking for a Virtual Assistant to assist with the following job: I have a spreadsheet of <10,000 contacts. Columns include contact name and company name. Each company name will need to be googled to find the company url (always the first result). Each company url will have an employee...
  4. santhej

    What Skills Do You Want Your VA to have?

    Hello Everyone, As some of you might know I have been running a successful VA service in BHW for the past 3 years. However, I feel that there is still room for improvement. So guys, what skills do you think your VA should have to make your life easier? It would be great if you can be specific...
  5. T

    Looking for a VA or Team for HTML, Photoshop, Amazon content, SEO, etc

    We are looking for a long term VA or if you have an inhouse team whom is familiar with Amazon product description: We need content rewrite of competitor ads with better keywords in the first five fields(amazon bullet points). A) This task would also involve SEO research via...
  6. A

    Looking For Full Time High Experienced Native Speaking VA Project Manager

    Hi, Looking For Full time High Experienced Native Speaking VA Project Manager for my new dropshipping business for the following work; - Social media account management for posting new products on social media accounts. Instagram account has been created, the rest need to be done yet. - Live...
  7. Kiran Deshpaka

    Top Personal Virtual Assistant

    Our company have top listed employees with high experience. Our aim is to save time and money in this busy life by hiring your personal virtual assistant. Top Personal Virtual Assistant india offers Personal virtual assistant services to countries like USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia & European...