viral website

  1. O

    How to Earn With Viral/buzz websites - Ads and Monetization

    Hello Guys, Can anyone help me to about buzz website like this: It was the time when I lost ranking for my all CPA project and then one of my mate at CPAGrip told me to try out these buzz websites, kinda like this...
  2. MrT131

    Viral Content for my Website

    Hey BHW, i'm thinking about starting a viral content blog/website. It will look like buzzfeed and i also want to have viral artices like them. Do you guys think it's okay to copy their articles or where should i get them from?
  3. Chamdi

    How Can I Monetize a WebSite That Has Viral Traffic?

    I have a website which I had created just for fun some time back. I logged in to the website today and was surprised to see it gets 700-1000 unique visits per day. I am pretty sure I can increase this by putting more efforts. The site has got backlinks from Wikipedia & reddit too. I haven't...
  4. ilyascay

    please help with adsense !!

    hey guys i am new to internet marketing world ; i am starting my journey with adsense (viral website) i have a few questions and i will appreciate it if you helped me ! 1. is it okay to hire a freelancer to rewrite my website articles ? is it against adsense policy ? 2. is it okay to have...
  5. DTjai

    [Journey] Not just another Viral Website to $100 a day

    Introduction Lately I have been looking for a new adventure in IM and came upon viral news sites around here. In my opinion general ones tend to be hard to make profitable because of saturation. This is why I have chosen to do a few small twists by making a viral website combined with value...
  6. Rachanaa

    Tips to create viral website or blog

    anyone can tell me the tips to create viral website and blog how to drive the traffic to site
  7. thagar

    [Journey] Grow FB Page to 50k+ and $1k/month

    After lurking in this forum for almost 2 years I think its about time I took some real action and actually stuck to something for once. You see, I've been trying to earn a living online since 2013 and I really haven't hit any of my goals - or even come close. I'm not here to lie or sell you...
  8. boujlal

    Low Adsense Revenue

    I'm using Adsense in my viral website, but my revenue is so low, Can someone please help me?
  9. P

    Traffic/Ad Arbitrage-Viral Websites Help/Advice Needed (Case study)

    Hello, so this is my first post to BHW and really on any forum for that matter I underlined the important stuff... but please read it all... Ive been a ghost on some forums for a while but by far this one is the best! Some great stuff to learn here anyone can get a free education so whats the...
  10. 20something

    [JV] My Viral Website And Your Social Media Traffic

    I've a viral website with good quality content and images. The website is high quality, unlike mushrooming viral websites with a lot of pictures and click bait title with little or no useful content. Obviously, that works in most of the cases and for most of the people but that is not what I'm...
  11. S

    Best methods to get free website traffic?

    Hello, i made this website last week: varietyarea dot com , and applied for adsense yesterday, i have created a facebook page and will spend some money on advertising, but except for social medias and SEO, does anyone have tips on how to get traffic? i really want to start generating money from...
  12. terinah14

    Will viral websites work on free Blogspot hosting?

    With TLD of course...
  13. K

    Viral Blog content

    Hello guys, i wanted to start a viral blog, such as viralnova, so that i was preparing auto post in social media like IFTTT so i've created 300 FB page, 300 G+ page, 300 twitter account, 40 reddit account, 40 delicious account, 40 tumblr account, 40 pinterest account and 40 diigo account, so...
  14. S

    My Journey to create a viral website

    I am creating a new site and planning to make it viral. The topics will be on entertainment and news. I will use twitter, facebook, google plus, tumblr, reddit, youtube as a marketing platform. I am currently posting contents and will start marketing it as soon as possible. Any ideas or...
  15. J

    Large FB Pages - I Need Your Help/Business!

    Have had a website for a while now and making some good revenue from it through ad networks. Seeing approx 9k uniques visits a day but I want to expand so looking for help from owners of FB Pages! If you have any good/active facebook pages and your fans would like content that is similar to...
  16. I

    My new viral website to gather emails and promote my forum

    My new viral website to gather emails and promote my forum :)if this website becomes popular then i will be sharing or selling its script. What does it do? Ans.)It just ask visitors to enter their e mail to get software or information and then it asks them to...
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