1. Makoster

    YOUTUBE-PROVIDER.COM | Working YouTube Viewers | Provider | FREE TEST

    Hi there! Youtube viewers from Provider. FREE TEST for forum members. Write to me with a note "I'm from BHW" Discounts for resellers from 10% to 50% Our website: Unique conditions for resellers. Write for details in telegram...
  2. ChuckTheChe

    [JV] My setup, your concurrent youtube live viewers.

    Hello folks! :D Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my JV. Let me start this post with a few important notes. Please read them carefully. 1) My partner and I are professionals. We are looking for a third professional to provide concurrent Youtube livestream viewers. A minimum of...
  3. T

    Chaturbate, Stripchat, Bongacams Viewers/Follower Bot

    Software: I need up to 2000 continuous registered user acount bots and the option to choose how many viewers I want to send to the specific model. The interface must contain the box to input the model's room, the amount of viewers I want to send to the room. Also it would need to add them...
  4. miniblicher

    Twitch viewers/marketing

    Hi BHW Iam working with a Twitch channel. And want to give it a boost. What kind of ways do I have to promote the channel? And what is the best ways? I want to gain real followers so no bots. Iam not sure how to get started with booosting the channel. Kind regards MB
  5. D

    Where do the many story views come from?

    Hi, guys! There is one thing on Instagram, which a don't understand. I have an open account set to "pro" without specifying the category. I have very little followers - around 550 but I still get on my open stories 300-400 views per story. Those are not only my followers, but I also don't get...
  6. S

    Chaturbate / MFC View Bot

    My girlfriend is looking for a view bot that will increase her page ranking for 3-4 weeks.
  7. wkm1001

    [FREE] 100-500 viewers online stream on YouTube and Twitch [not for sale]

    Hello Blackhatworld, Get for free : - 100-500 viewers online stream on YouTube or Twitch. :) :)INSTRUCTIONS::) - have at least 50 posts on this forum; - make sure your account is not private before you send the link; - post on this thread; - or in PM send link to broadcast stream on YouTube or...
  8. S

    Chaturbate Viewer Bot

    Looking for someone who can build a bot who will generate live viewers on Chaturbate. I need a minimum of 5000 continuous viewers sent to a specific model room. The viewers have to stay during the entire show (3-4 hours). The bot cannot lag or shutdown. No need for registered accounts, only...
  9. S


    I am looking for someone who can make a Chaturbate viewer bot who can deliver a minimum of 2000 viewers during live broadcasts. If the bot works and brings in good results I am willing to offer a lot for your service.
  10. S

    Chaturbate viewers

    Hi, I would like to hire someone who can make a Chaturbate model have thousands of viewers each time she is logs in. Chaturbate shows are live shows so traffic delivery must be during an exact period of time. Thank you
  11. Maya739

    Need a bot live viewer for chaturbate ! Help

    I need a program or a bot that can add anonymous live viewers to 300 ++. I tried it alone and I added up to 200+ live anonymous but added just like the figure but did not raise me in the top because the site climbs you on the number of IP-s adress that look at you live. All my...
  12. M

    how to Auto play Youtube video on facebook business page ( Home Page ) ?

    Is it possible to Auto Play Youtube video on facebook/facebook business page ( Home page ) and also increase viewers in Youtube channel ?
  13. B

    Buying views and subs?

    Does buying YouTube viewers and subscribers still work to then gain potential real views and subs without get them taken down? I have 2 channels with over 100,000 views without buying views and subs, but does this method still work and do you recommend it?
  14. Noah Hawryshko

    (Method) The Perfect Cover for Twitch Viewbots

    Nothing comprehensive here method-wise, just saw a guy do it earlier today. He was streaming, then "went to go get some food" and decided to turn his viewbot on. Saw him do it a couple of times during a couple of different instances now. Before the viewbot, he was at less than 100 viewers, after...
  15. GoRazzy

    Chaturbate Viewers Bot / Program Required..

    Hi there all! There is a similar post to this already on BHW but I am writing this now to try and get some new contacts.. I have a couple girls who work on chaturbate who are both very good models but the ranking is based on the number of viewers in their rooms at any given time. I would...
  16. M

    Twitch Viewer bot with proxy support?

    Hey all. I'm looking for a simple twitch viewer bot that has proxy support. Does anyone have/know of such a thing? I'm wanting it for a channel I'm starting, and since there are plenty of fake twitch follower gigs on fiverr, I thought I'd boost my views to each of my videos in the process. Any...
  17. S

    Building an audience?

    Hi guys, just started my own site and I'm finding the hardest part to it is building an audience. I probably have like 0 people reading my posts atm, haha. I know you're meant to build links and increase SEO ranking, but are there some other simpler methods of building an audience? google...