(Method) The Perfect Cover for Twitch Viewbots

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Noah Hawryshko, Jun 10, 2016.

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    Nothing comprehensive here method-wise, just saw a guy do it earlier today. He was streaming, then "went to go get some food" and decided to turn his viewbot on. Saw him do it a couple of times during a couple of different instances now. Before the viewbot, he was at less than 100 viewers, after the bot he immediately had over 500 viewers. It was incredibly obvious.

    The trick? He played Runescape, which can piss a lot of people off and potentially get them to viewbot you.

    People kept asking him about the viewbot, and he kept saying that it's probably someone jealous of his popularity, or someone he killed within the game. He kept wishing those who were viewing because of it a good experience within his channel, yada yada...

    Sorry, end rant. Basically, he has perfect plausible deniability from Twitch because he plays a game which is known to piss people off if they die and lose all their stuff. So he always "gets" viewbotted because people are jealous of his success as a Runescape player and Twitch streamer, and thus try to get him banned. If he's smart with the times he bots and makes his viewbots the stupid, easily detectable kind then it's an even better cover. He doesn't even have to pay for a higher quality, less detectable viewbot because it actually makes his story less believeable.

    If I were in his position, I'd take it even farther. Hire someone to threaten me and make it look good. Badly worded threats to hack my account, hack my Twitch,and even a couple threats to hurt me in real life from e-Mail addresses, Facebook users, and even a couple of hate messages on Twitch fielded by real, aged accounts. Throw in some Runescape threats and you're golden. Some of the e-Mails may or may not coincidentially sound like the Runescape names of the players he recently killed in Runescape and has on VOD, and many will be long and descriptive while some will be quick and badly worded, a perfect mix to make it sound realistic.

    When Twitch comes along, you politely and professionally explain that the viewbots are a witch hunt. That you've even looked into the bots yourself and can't tell where they're coming from. That the game you play gets a lot of people pissed off at you, and that they can't handle the heat sometimes. You tell them that you've been threatened to be hacked and viewbotted on Twitch, threatened physically my e-Mail and on Facebook, and that you're just cocky. It's your personality. You even have all of the threats catalogued in case something like this came up, and are more than willing to show Twitch.

    Boom. Not only plausible deniability, but perfect deniability. Just don't do anything stupid while you fake your witch hunt. Guy has been doing it for a couple months already and has all his pre-canned responses ready. It works perfectly and Twitch has never bothered him.

    What do you guys think about this method?
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    If you want to get noticed on Twitch, this is a good way to do it. Throw on an obnoxious persona too and you'll be rolling in donations.