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    [Guide] Ranking Youtube Videos in 2020

    Totally forgot about this and glad I could recall because a lot of my BHW peeps have been posting about video ranking stuff and with all the typical ranking stuff talked about here not many talk about video seo. It's step by step and very in-depth which I am sure you guys will enjoy going...
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    SEO priorities for 2020 and beyond

    The world of SEO constantly moves and changes at a breakneck speed. New tech, new methodologies, constant algorithm updates from Google, new user behaviours and search methods. The list goes on… So, what should you do in 2020 (and beyond) to keep up with the leaders in this ever-changing...
  3. cresmedia

    Need A VSEO/Video Optimization Partner to subcontract/partner w/ ASAP! Only have 24 hrs to

    Hey, I've got the opportunity to partner with a couple in Florida with a new business, they originally hired me out for video creation but they want to leave their current partner who does the optimization for them. From what I've seen of what he showed me they were doing it seems they just...
  4. w33dl0rd

    Free to Try Get up to 500 views/day to any Video Dominate any Niche on Youtube

    First I want to express my gratitude to all the fellow BHW members on this thread for their honest reviews. How will this Service Help You Dominate Youtube: One of...