video games

  1. tazarbm

    What games can I play that are like Banished / Farthest Frontier?

    Hey everyone! I was taking a break from internet marketing as I've been under a lot of stress lately and - for some unknown reason - during this break I landed on a video (on youtube) about Crate's newest (unreleased yet I think) game, called Farthest Frontier. I watched someone's playthrough...
  2. Along The Edge

    Esports/video games links/gaming backlinks

    Hey there, I want to buy links from authority sites. Esports/video games niche Note: Not sports, casino/gambling links. Pm me pls
  3. cosmo89

    Most Anticipated PS5 Games For Die Hard Gamers

    All new Sony PlayStation 5 and PS5 Games was finally announced. Every gamer is in cloud nine for a few minutes after the announcement of the next-generation consoles and PS5 upcoming games. Here's the list
  4. eNzim

    Video Game Copyrights - Seeking Legal Advice

    Hey guys, so I have a business idea that would involve reselling in-game items, currencies etc stuff like that and I would appreciate to receive some advice from experts in the field. So the question is: does it violate trademark / video game copyright laws if I use the name of the game /...
  5. Heiko

    Video Games: A Waste of Time?!

    Lately i've been playing some Video Games again, i tried Rocket League, some World Of Tanks but i just always have this thought in the back of my head "What am i doing here, all of this is virtual and it's providing me with no significant value IRL, its a waste of time" - And to be honest, i do...
  6. B

    FREE Video game niche article

    Hi friends, I have build developing my machine learning skills and have build a program capable of writing blog articles about the video game niche. I would like to hand out free samples to any interested parties. I am open to suggestions for other niches to build a content generator for. Here...
  7. draco02

    A Method to make money - Botting Video Games?

    So i looked up if it was already mentioned in this forum; but as far as i see i saw nothing in particular about this method. I remember reading about this a couple years ago, elsewhere; but since the Market in which u perform this method is constantly adapting and changing im quite sure there...
  8. market88

    Making money with Video Games?

    I've seen a few posts regarding making money with video games and I was wondering how it works. Does each video game have its' own "affiliate program" or some "CPA" offer? Or are people just marketing the video game with some affiliate link or CPA that is very loosely tied to gaming? Or maybe...
  9. Mr. Grinder

    Do you play video games instead of doing internet marketing ?

    really, asking a simple question, do you really play ? i turn 22 previous year. i was very addicted about to play video game since when i was kid and. and also now. i have very big record in my life to leave from school and all day in video games shop now it also affecting in my IM carrier...
  10. Drunken_woe_cat

    Looking to hire Video Game Streamer!

    Want to play video games for 8 hours a day? or do 40 hours over 6 days? Have an internet connection? What would you charge? Please send me a private message. When you message me please also let me know what games you like to play / are proficient in. Thank you
  11. 2

    Advice Needed SEO

    Hi Guys I have an estate agent and currently in process of swapping to a wordpress theme which I can then use Yoast etc. What and how would it take to be in the mix with other Estate Agents in my area? I also have a gaming website and really need some advice on best tricks / ideas to best...
  12. 2

    Anyone interested in video games

    Yo guys Site is 3 years old and gets tons of games for review but wanted to see if anyone could bring thier expertise in making us rank higher and grow bigger ? Possibly become on board with us etc
  13. eduardo hunter


    Heyyyy. I am glad to be a part of this forum; get to know as many folks as i can. Please feel free to contact me. I am starting a new venture; going to be a Blast. I am a student and avid reader. I like to shoot pool and play online video games.
  14. cave master

    what is the best way to get free content?

    I have started a video game blog / forum and I want to make content in my site but I don't have to much to start so what is the best way to get free hot content for my site?
  15. Spinethetic

    Need an experienced PC game hack coder for Grand Theft Auto 5 ONLINE

    I hope this dosent break any tos for wanting a product not related to business or marketing, but gaming instead. MOD: Just delete this thread if so. Looking for a PC version GTA5:Online mod developer who can develop an undetectable mod where I can perform what is called "Insurance Fraud" on...
  16. dragonnet

    Video Games: Game you've spent the most time on?

    For me #1 all-time is Counter Strike 1.6 Playing it more then 10 yrs,almost every single day in LAN (offiline) in the beginning for 5-6 hrs minimum per day almost every day of the week..later online even more hrs per day...for a very long time.. :) 2. Mortal Kombat 3. Dark Souls Whats the most...
  17. T

    New guy here

    Hi everybody. I stumbled onto here from DuckDuckGo. While I'm here I'm hoping to learn of ways to make some money by getting into the video game industry. It's probably my best skill sadly lol.
  18. 7

    Looking for WholeSale/suppliers for Video games and accesories

    Hey, I have been in the business for a while, but am new to the forms. I am looking for reputable WholeSale/supplier for Video games and accessories for Xbox One, 360, Ps4, Ps3. Willing to purchase products ranging from membership cards for the video game services such as Xbox live Cards...
  19. Kintoups

    How to Monetize a Video Game sites with 150,000 monthly visitors

    Hey guys, I have 8 sites in the Video Game Niche that collectively attract more than 150,000 visitors per month but I only make close to 250$ per month from them. So far, I have tried (miserably) to monetize the site with Adsense and Amazon Affiliates. AdSense was ridiculous and now I only have...
  20. I

    Affiliate Programs for Games

    Hi guys. I think i am ready (after earning shit with other methods) to try my luck with Affiliate Programs, and i thought about something i actually know myself, which are video games. My first bet was Steam but those suckers don't have Affiliate Program. i did wasted like an hour googling...
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