video creation

  1. Elvlin

    The Video Wizard, Automate your CONTENT creation using Ai tools, with just a few clicks

    Welcome to the enchanting and extraordinary world of AI! where you will discover your new clandestine ally in the realm of video content creation. Picture yourself effortlessly summoning mesmerizing videos with just a mere touch of a button. It sounds like a fantastical dream, doesn't it...
  2. intracon

    Best AI for video generation

    Does anyone know any reliable AI services (or websites), that is able to generate good and realistic videos that can be used for marketing? For example, a video with a person telling a story or implementing manual actions without face in a frame. Free services are preferred. However, video...
  3. allan.d

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ██ DFY VIDEO CREATION SERVICE ⚡⚡ ONLY $15 ██⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Cheap Video Service! Get a video done for your website, blog, project, or anything else! We will create a video with licensed content, related images, your own text and your link. Videos increase conversions, and also get you more exposure when sharing on Social Media. Reach more audience...
  4. OpenSauce

    One click video maker with AI

    Hello, I am working on a program that creates a video from just a single sentence. I am planning on making a paid release sometime in the future, but for now just looking for ideas. What you guys would want such program be able to do? Most important features? Here is a rough demo of the current...
  5. Apexworks

    Long-Term Freelance Work - Video Creation/Editing

    SERVICE WANTED Long-term freelancer wanted for video creation and video editing services BUDGET $1-$2/minute of finished video (I provide the script and voiceover) DETAILS I'm looking for someone experienced who can create TRULY HIGH QUALITY VIDEOS. I want to use a combination of...
  6. Universe0

    Create How to Videos From Blog Posts

    I am looking for a freelancer to create/convert my How To articles into videos. PM with previous work and examples.
  7. AR7000

    [JV] My bulk video making skill + your great marketing/monetization plan

    I have quite a good grasp of the following tools: ImageMagick - Image Manipulation Tool FFMPEG - Video Rendering from Command Line Python - For Automation / Batch Processing I have a tendency to automate stuff... I have previously created few compilation video channels. I downloaded videos...
  8. SeedPhrase

    [HAF] Looking for Concept Video creator

    I'm looking for someone who can create a concept idea video for marketing feel free to PM me for more discussion ( Price will be discussed via PM ) Cheers!
  9. EternalFun

    How to create this type of videos?

    How to create this type of videos guys: Dont want to use content samurai/vidnami. Any free alternative?
  10. please read

    [FREE SAMPLES] Is Your Website Boring? Spice It Up With Videos | URL to Video | Starting from $5

    Interested in a free sample of the service? Post in the thread below and I will message you to get started. Direct Link to Order Form Returning customer? Direct Link to Dashboard Direct Link to Samples Refund Policy: You are entitled to a refund at any point of the service. Please contact...
  11. rednada

    Looking to hire 2 English speaking VAs

    Hello, we are looking to hire 2 English speaking VAs. The conditions to meet are really simple: 1) good English skills (in writing and speaking) 2) previous experience with video editing software 3) willing to work full month for agreed, fixed monthly pay 4) must be in minimum CET +6...
  12. AlienServices

    I want to hire 1-2 freelancers for video creations low rates 0.50$-1$ per video

    Hi you re video creator -editor i create daily many videos and i want some help on my work if you're interested for the job hit me a message thank you!
  13. Rudro Saha


    Hi There is many many youtube channel & videos who share software serial key and 'how to use crack software' tutorial I have a channel which contains some 'screen recording video' where I show many software serial keys and cracking software tutorial We all know this is an illegal way to use...
  14. Teeto

    How to Learn Any New Skill fast by Reverse Engineering!!!

    Warning: This is not for the Lazy!!! So I wrote about how I was kicked out of Clickbank here ,and I'm still trying to restore my means of income as it was all I got, it just occurred to me to share something on here that could be of help to someone out there. Here goes: I was a big fan of...
  15. imonboss

    Best Video Creation Software?

    Hey guys, Can anyone please tell me the name of a video creator that will help me create slideshow types video? I have wondershare filmora but i find it a little complicated. I am looking for something thats free.
  16. RealDaddy

    [Guide] Make Awesome Youtube videos without Showing your Face

    Hello BHW, Youtube is a goldmine for buyer intent traffic. But, you need to know the process to transition that searcher into a buyer. Requirements:- 1. Video Script. 2. Google Slide. 3. Screen Recorder. step:1- Let's assume that your keyword is "how to cure toenail fungus at home". Search...
  17. thevideoguy

    Hiring YouTube Video Creator

    Hey BHW users, We're looking to hire video creators who can provide videos suitable for the YouTube Partner Program. We're creating bulk monetized YouTube channels and need content to get them approved. Requirements are as follows: - Videos must follow YouTube's community guidelines...
  18. newon

    Which Software used to create this type of videos?

    I am using Vegas pro quite some time for my travel vlog. Now I am planning to create Info based video channel but finding very tough with Vegas. It's taking loooong time even for each small animation. Basic needs for the videos are... The videos will include lots of texts & text animations...
  19. cgt web

    Looking for a virtual assistant

    Hi BHW, I am looking for a virtual assistant for a full time role. Duties will include: researching high selling amazon products. creating slideshows from product images. adding copyright free music. writing short description for the video. emailing them to myself. Ideally I am looking...
  20. Heiko

    [VA] Video creation advertisement

    hello, I am looking for someone that can create something similar to this The part that i am talking about is at 4:20 - 4:32 - It shouldnt be the exact same, it is also for a different niche, but just to give you an example of what i am looking for. Please only accept this job if you...
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