video advertising

  1. H

    ISO Adult Actress's

    Can anyone recommend a site where I can hire Adult actresses to make some scripted videos for me.
  2. NProductions

    I really want to Lead Digital Media Buying Industry [ SMM , Video Advertising , Music Marketing & Programatic Media ]

    HI, started from the bottom now I am here - :) 10 Years so for into this. I am sure that was not a waste. Let's say I am an AI MIND OF a Life is saying you This - Think about how much honey is collected in my mind. I wanted to let people know.. For Buyers/Clients. if you know what you...
  3. M

    Video hosting script like Fembed, Openload, Mystream, Mixdrop

    I am searching for a video hosting script like Fembed, Openload, Mystream, Mixdrop, etc., I didn't found one. Can you help, please?
  4. seoforlife12467

    What the video submission software is available in 2020?

    What video submission software is available in 2020? To post your youtube videos to other sites?
  5. Flamingo1

    Video Traffic arbitrage

    Hi, Since there is a large number of traffic arbitrage interests here the post is in good hands. I want to deal with video traffic arbitrage. In more detail 1) Purchase video traffic for Videos in Websites. (Non YT Videos) 2) Prevent bot traffic 1) Which platforms would you prefer? I know you...
  6. tsumaaa

    Anyone running a successful video marketing agency?

    I wanted to throw this question out there to see how many folks are making money selling marketing videos to small businesses? I've heard of some people selling video advertisements to company's for upwards of at least $100 or more and this seems to be the new way of selling marketing...
  7. dt2017

    Rank your local youtube videos to #1 spot

    Hi there, My Name is Dickson Ton and we would like to increase the Revenue of your business by ranking videos of your company on the first page of google and outrank your competition. This will get you lots of traffic and the best thing is it's FREE TRAFFIC because once the videos are ranked...
  8. Z

    Video Production Service survey-ish

    Hi all - been a member for I think over 10 years and have been working as a video producer in the offline world. I just started combining my 2 passions of video production and marketing, and it occurred to me that some folks here may need a quick cost effective service. I have other work, so...
  9. ClintN

    YouTube text script but no voiceover

    Am I risking an SEO penalty by producing a YouTube Video with no voice over etc, but uploading a full sales script (with keywords) into the caption fields to increase the video's SEO? Many thanks in advance for any tips
  10. U

    Can Show Ads in my porn uploads?

    Hi ! I'am loking for small passive income. I'm new to this. Tell me, can I earn revenue from viewing these videos. For example, show in them ads, (pre-rolls) or simply from the number of views. There may be some other methods of monetization?
  11. A

    Facebook Video Monetization - boom or bust?

    Hey everyone, I’ve been reading a lot of articles online lately about controversy surrounding Facebook’s hijacking of thousands of Youtube videos and distributing out ad revenue to big pages etc. I’ve also noticed an abundance of videos on my timeline over the past couple months. I’m interested...
  12. alexj9

    video intelligence SSP - does it deliver?

    Hi, Heard about this new native player from video intelligence, called "vi stories". They say that it offers video ads that match website content, providing better user engagement. I would like to know some opinions on this before giving them a try. Thanks
  13. J

    Advertising Services

    Want to advertise using video advertising, then please visit their website. Know of others who want the same thing you do then please ask them to visit their website.