verified review

  1. S

    Looking for Verified Reviews on Amazon

    Looking for long term help getting verified reviews on amazon looking for long term association with multiple product lines. willing to pay please contact me.
  2. S

    Looking for verified Amazon UK reviews

    I'm looking for Amazon UK verified reviews. Inbox me details and prices.
  3. D


    HI I need verified review for this long term project, I need over 100 reviews for all my product but I will try small first (15 reviews) My price $5 per review + Product Price and need my product to send it back.
  4. TrueMan

    amazon verified review

    Hello, I am looking for honest amazon reviewer Can somebody please help me please pm me Thanks
  5. Great ruler

    Need flipkart product review

    if it possible to get flipkart reivew.
  6. nnslay

    find 2 Prime account to submit reviews written by me

    Hi,I am finding 2 Prime account on to submit 2 reviews written by me plus pictures.
  7. Littleant

    amazon verified reviews for uk

    Hello everyone, This time I am looking for reviewer for uk. Can somebody to help me? Thanks