verification badge

  1. KyleSpeed

    Get Verified on YouTube in 24 Hours Even if You Have 0 Subs | Just Send Your Channel Link and the Verification Badge Will Appear in Hours | ONLY $997

    Literally just send me a link to your YouTube channel on Telegram ( or click here to message me on BHW, and I'll make the verification badge appear a few hours later even if you have zero subscribers. No access required Send Your YouTube Channel Link to Start: Telegram...
  2. C

    Instagram blue tick

    Hello, I have my own Page on IMDb as a producer. I wanted to ask if I am eligible to get the blue tick on instagram or do I still need to have some articles about me? And how does it look like with instagram posts? Is one post on instagram necessary to get verified or can you also get it without...
  3. Steve Waller

    Twitter Verification Needed

    Hey folks, I'm working on a NFT project, got some decent press rn. Is anyone offering Twitter verification here? PM with your best offers, I can proceed immediately. Cheers.
  4. R

    Needs Facebook Blue Tick

    I need someone who can get me Blue Tick (Blue Badge) on Facebook, and other social Medias
  5. R

    I need someone to get me Blue Tick for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

    Hi, I have some pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that I want to get them Blue Tick, Anyone who can do it can send me a message me or contact me via email
  6. fruitdaloop

    How does the Instagram Verification Process Work?

    I'm just curious how people get the blue check mark, and what the process is like on the other side. I keep getting messages from some guy trying to sell me Instagram verification, saying he knows a guy and posts screenshots. So I was curious how legit any of this is, if there are people who...
  7. A


    Hi everyone! I have a few clients that want to get the verified blue check mark badge. They have PR's from top sites but it is paid so I'm not sure if that will count. They have the "Public Figure" status on Instagram and have a decent following. I will test it out with one client first and if...
  8. H

    Facebook Account Verification Guaranteed (Blue Batch Needed)

    Hello Folks, i am Looking For a Person or a Company who can Verify Facebook Profiles [Blue Batch] with Gurrenty . i Have Regular Clients so if anyone can do that We can Do Regular Bussiness [Note :- Price Should be Reasonable :)] Thank You in Advance HunterLife
  9. syphaxmail

    I am looking for Instagram and twitter blue tick(Verified badge) services

    Hi, I have couple of friends who want to verify their instagram and twitter accounts. Please send me your best quote along with time frame Thanks
  10. S

    [WTB] Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / TikTok VERIFICATION Badge - 100% Accuracy needed

    Please post your cheapest prices. This needs to be 100% effective. We are looking for a provider who can get our clients verified. We will bring serious business into the table.
  11. Steve Waller

    Facebook and Instagram Verification Needed

    Title says it all. I'm on the lookout for somehow who could verify the profiles at a competitive pricing. I know how the process works, just need someone with better deals. I have few accounts that needs to be verified asap. PM me, we can discuss further.
  12. S

    Looking for Instagram verification

    Hi, I am looking for Instagram verification, I have the press, just need someone who can submit the verification through their panel.
  13. H

    Looking for Instagram Verification!

    Hi everyone, I am looking to get the blue verification badge for my instagram account. Anyone know a way around Instagram's submission request for verification as I keep getting denied. I have heard of people that know people that work for instagram that can get it done?
  14. K

    Instagram Verification

    I'm looking for someone to verify this Instagram account crunchy_kyle My budget is $2,000 -$2,500 USD Times are tough right now. Thanks in advance!
  15. Kingking12a

    How to get verified ? INSTAGRAM OR FACEBOOK ?

    Can someone tell me how to get verified on facebook or instagram please ? Is it really possible to do it , because most of people said it is the hardest thing on social medias to get verified ? I found a lot of help via BHW i think someone here can explain it ? THANKS
  16. 247VCC

    Tinder will give you a verified blue check mark if you pass its catfishing test

    A new system to prove you’re real Tinder is launching new safety features today, including a photo verification system that’ll place a blue check mark on daters’ profiles, a partnership with the safety app Noonlight to give daters an easy way to call emergency services, and a feature that flags...
  17. vauoleum

    Looking for press for instagram verification

    Hi. I'm looking for quality articles that would rank in google (news tab) for specifically for IG verification.
  18. Rachmaninoff

    You Can't Catfish A Cat

    A scammer was trying to scam this cat for $750 via bitcoin for an IG verification badge. But in the end, he's the one who got owned. :D His IG stories or if you missed it What a bright idea...
  19. 0

    Instagram Verification Blue Check Mark Needed. Will pay $$$

    Looking to hire someone to get 3 IG accounts verified with the blue check mark. All have 50k+ followers. If someone can tag SMMnet so he can dm me that would be great.
  20. Sergeylovinch

    Social Media Blue Tick, Blue Tick, and Blue Tick (Shaking My Head)

    Been trying and researching for 2 solid years for the service that really does provide IG blue tick mark. As per my check - research, I found out that the requirements are: 1. High Authority Media Coverage Articles (8-10) 2. Wikipedia Page 3. Media Partner to Submit The Application I know...