1. Jelly Baen

    ✅ ✅ Google My Business instant Verification ✅ All Countries Accepted ✅★ Limited Time Offer ★

    ORDER NOW ON SKYPE Feel free to Contact me On Email: [email protected] Skype: [email protected] Telegram: Jellybaen25 Discounts are Available On Bulk Orders, feel free to Discuss this On Skype.
  2. Jelly Baen

    1 GMB Listing [ Review Copy}

    Hi BHW members, I am giving away 1 review copy of my BST Approval. You will get Google My Business instant Verification Listing in any country. Requirements: You must be Jr Vip or 100 posts old member. Comment down I will select 1 person from the posts. Welcome!
  3. M

    My facebook account locked for identity verification

    Hi Sorry for my bad english. I ve a facebook account aged 5 years. Facebook locked my avcount for identity id verification. But problem is that i didnt put my correct infos in my profile(mame, birthday) I tried all methods not working. How i can restore my account? Fake id, correct id card
  4. tazarbm

    any SMS verification numbers that work??

    Basically, title... After googling and DDG-ing for the last hour and finding a whooping ZERO Romania phone numbers that accept verification SMS I gave up, so here I am, begging for a piece of the forbidden knowledge Please, if someone knows a phone number that can receive SMS verification...
  5. N


    With real 500+ friends, female profile from Australia. Please message me. New here. Thanks :) Also can anyone point me in the direction of Instagram verification? I already have 70k real followers but can’t get verified. Thanks x
  6. H

    Whats the web site to get money from my sim cards ?

    Hi everyone, I have many sim cards with country code 84. who can suggest me find some website to sell it? Thanks u!
  7. rksama

    IG Verification is now piece of cake

    So something is seriously going wrong with IG verification check just today I was surfing through telegram and some random guy drops two account username they were j****test3 ( and j****test6 ( ). After 2-3 minutes he also posted passwords (MAAAD...
  8. Z

    People who use physical sim cards to verify accounts - what's your set up?

    So I'm moving over to physical sim cards to verify social accounts, and it's becomming tedious having to keep popping in cards, then taking them out (espcially with mobile phones). Is there an easier way to do this? If not, then I suppose it's back to the old ways!
  9. leadselleruk

    Premium phone number

    Where To find premium phone number that get on income on incoming call ?
  10. ncikman

    Need instagram & facebook verification service

    Hi BHW, i've been a member since 2014. Love it here, ready to start buying. I'm currently buying editoral articles, i have a couple for my brand/company. I am getting a couple more. Is there any services out here that offer Instagram verification? I know it is a long process, but i am 25%...
  11. A

    Phone number for verifying twitter accounts for my twitter + cpa method

    Run out of phone numbers by verifying multiple twitter accounts bc i did a lot of testing to figure out what was the most efficient way to promote crakrevenue cpa offers Anyone knows any website for verifying twitter accounts? I know a good one but twitter marks the number as invalid so... Can...
  12. jongmr

    aliexpress issue

    hey im using aliexpress for dropshipping. i have a issue to make payment on aliexpress and when i click on place order i receive this error: for security reasons this process can not be countinued. to make sure your transaction is secure, please provide us with documentation by clicking my...
  13. B

    Fake Xbox Account Phone Verification Numbers?

    I've been selling a lot of Xbox services that require me to make a lot of accounts. Simple enough. Hop on a VPN, use an unlimited gmail account generator and sign up for Xbox until I've made like 10 on that IP, switch to a different IP, repeat. Problem is, after 2 days they all get locked. They...
  14. greg99

    Best USA Virtual Phone Number Provider

    Hello, I need a good Virtual Phone Number service provider. Right now I want to register in different directories in the USA, but they require to verify a phone number and currently, I am using and it is very bad service for that because they just redirect a call to my...
  15. S

    Google Guarantee Help!

    Hey Guys, Does anyone know the guidelines for the google guarantee program? Not the basic stuff like license, car, t shirt etc... but more of the unknown factors.. What do the advanced verification team actually look for both during the video call and also their checks online which they dont...
  16. colton kopacz

    Instagram Verification Services?

    I've been noticing a lot of Facebook & Instagram Verification services lately on SMM panels. Anyone have any luck getting verified yet? :cool:
  17. Lemoniada

    facebook verification

    Hi, facebook asks me to add a phone number and ID card. Can I miss this?
  18. D

    Help phone verify IG !

    Hi . So today i start to add my IG to GMT2 ( with proxies ) and they said that i need a phone number to verify . I try to read and find a solution but i was a little confused . My question is do we need to buy a sim card and use them with phone verify service ? What do PVs do ? Do they give us a...
  19. Samuel Atkinson

    I need a verified PayPal for long lasting uses

    Send me a PM if someone can create an account
  20. O

    [NEED] Turkish phone numbers for SMS verification

    Hi, I need sms numbers for Turkey. I will use them for sms verification for multiple accounts but website requires it to be only Turkey number. This is a Turkey based website. I will need 10 to 40 different numbers every month. And I don't need them to stay available for a long time. Let me...
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