1. weeman123

    [JOURNEY DOXXED COINS] Purchased 7,009,201,862.778319 Sphynx SPH 1091$ + CAKE 500$ + 895$ VET + 842$ AKRO + 299$ ADA + 171$ XVG [HODL to 100,000$]

    What a fun and exciting day! Discovered some cryptos I lost while back, so now I start the journey. The journey to 100,000$. Will not be selling anytime soon or until at least 50,000$ Special thank you to: @DE_GAME for telling me the staking rewards for CAKE and @duckduckgoo for telling me a...
  2. partyush

    Verge Coin Unaffected with Hack FUD

    Verge coin being 51% attacked the third time was doing the rounds on Reddit that got ruled out as being a FUD. Today, Verge rose in tandem with the crypto market as it registered flecks of green while being officially accepted as the only crypto as a payment by an e-commerce site. Moreover...
  3. SEOWorlock

    Verge exploded

    I had 220 bitcoins from my own advert network exactly before 7 years and waste them all and send as gift to many places because devaluation.Now if i keep those I would have a lot of money.This is true story. I lost trust in bitcoin as non centralized crypto currency on period when BTC worth...