Verge exploded


Dec 12, 2017
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I had 220 bitcoins from my own advert network exactly before 7 years and waste them all and send as gift to many places because devaluation.Now if i keep those I would have a lot of money.This is true story.
I lost trust in bitcoin as non centralized crypto currency on period when BTC worth nothing.
Guys I don't know how to express my self if I was wise and keep the BTC in my wallet.
I now would be millionaire.
So in my Hench i started to invest directly my own money and bough and started to invest in Verge in long term.
I mean really long term 8-10 years depends of the market.

Ive check before 10 min and what to say there is increasing for 50% and is up.
so basicaly my investment from 120$ now have over 340$.