1. razharov

    Your most valuable file on your PC.

    Hey everyone! Just wondering, without telling what it is, what your most valuable file on your pc or server? For me it's an excel with all my backlink sources and excel programmed codes. Probably worth around 20k-40k depending on the markets state.
  2. drums

    How does godaddy determine the domain name value?

    I have some domain names. Godaddy has given a value to domain names. Is this a scam?
  3. sci0n

    how to you decide if a paid tool is worth the price?

    tools like semrush or ahrefs you kinda need for monitoring if you have more than one website how about tools like a first draft generator. it needs some editing but the article is still done faster than completely from scratch. do you calculate somehow when you get that money back from the tool...
  4. skillingmadoffcapital

    Social media accounts valuation

    Hi guys, I am calling all social media specialist for some help in regards valuing facebook and twitter account(s). To cut a long story short, I received an invitation to participate in a private auction for two social media accounts - FB account with circa 180k users and Twitter 3k users. Those...
  5. S

    i bought some domains that i don't know haw much they are worth

    i am new to the domain trading business , i bought 5 domains that i don't know their value these are my domains : i want to know how much of these are worth , i am not trying to sell them on here so...
  6. Nicklanez

    Ever received anything for free on the internet that really had value?

    Hello people. I always see many people offering things for 'free'. in the end it always costs money. Have you ever received anything for free on the internet that really had value?
  7. market88

    What does "Adding/Giving Value" mean to you?

    So we all know that money is a transfer of value. People trade money for something they value whether that be a product or service. And there is the common philosophy about money that "you will get in return, in multiples, the amount of value you add to the world." I've even heard of some...
  8. IG Pro

    [First 15] Giveaway Instagram Profile Review

    Hi everyone! Are you tired of doing hard work on instagram and without any big results? Well, then this giveaway is right for you! I am offering big & highly detailed presentation of your instagram account. This presentation is created by me and will be delivered within 48h. $100 - $250...
  9. SellerDigital1

    SiaCoin ? Any Predictions ?

    Hey Community I bought around 1500 SiaCoin (SC) since it was with 0.000 few cents Is it possible for like that coin reach 1$ or + ? :D Feel Free With Your Predictions , Maybe we will get the Jackpot :p
  10. CarlSagan

    edit: NVM

    Moz - 34 DA, 44 PA Ahrefs - Just over 100 Referring domains, 650 backlinks including 35 .edu domains Clean history, clean anchors. Archived since 2005. Old website of a conference popular in its niche. Any estimates on how much this could be worth? Cheers edit: nvm, trademarked
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