va needed

  1. LandscapePhotographer

    Does this Person exist?! Social Media, SEO, Web Design

    Hi, I am unsure whether this person would exist or whether I would be better getting several individuals with expertise in each area? Any advice would be hugely appreciated I am a photographer, I sell prints through my website and have just started a blog as well. I am realising though that my...
  2. Dlckhead

    [WTH] Looking for a VA

    Looking for a VA for data entry work. VA needs to be active and good with english. please pm or reply here if you can provide the services.
  3. R

    WTH - VA for posting links in FB groups

    Hello, I'm looking for a VA to post links in various Facebook groups. I don't really care if you do it manually or if you automate the process, as long as the links are visible. Here is what is needed of you: 1. You must have your own Facebook account (or accounts). 2. You must join in...
  4. H

    [WTB] VA - Very basic stuff and daily payday.

    So i have a method for monetizing my RDPs and right now i have over 180 RDPs that i don't have the time to handle. i need someone to follow a simple 2+2 step procedure on every rdp (Just a download and install). it takes around 5-6 minutes for every rdp setup. (it can be reduced to 2 minutes if...
  5. Xtreme19

    WTH GSA/Xrumer Expert Part time/Full Time/VA/Contract

    I am looking for someone who is an expert in Xrumer+GSA to create link blasts to the given urls every day. (Six websites with different urls everyday) I need profile urls, forum posts, web 2.0 comments etc and indexing the whole deal. I will provide all the tools and a vps. I will pay...
  6. T

    Looking for Data Entry VAs

    I'm looking for one or two rookie-level data entry VAs. The job will include: Copying excel/G docsinto a set list of citation sites, approx 70 You will set up profiles including uploading logos You will verify email You will add the live link in the excel/doc You will include notes of any...
  7. T

    Full-time VA

    I'm looking for a full-time VA with SEO experience, willing to pay $3 per hour / 6 hours per day.
  8. G

    VA For WordPress Support

    Hello Everyone, As the title said, I need a VA for WordPress support. Here are the requirements: We need somebody 5 days a week 6 hours per day with help for our client's daily issues: like adding images, scheduling blogs, fixing issues with plugins or other once. I don’t think this will be...
  9. N

    Copy and Paste, Editorial, Formatting Work

    Hey, I'm looking for someone to assist in a simple, but ongoing repetitive task that involves creating articles from copy and pasted content. Formatting replies and adding links. I'm looking for: - Strong work ethic - Attention to detail - Consistent work Add me on Skype: the.natinator
  10. TigerShadow

    Looking for an App builder(s)

    My company resells dietary supplements directly from manufacturer and we would like to have an app for our customers to use, I was looking at either getting multiple freelancers/VA's to work on different aspects of the app so that no one person would bottle neck the process or get a single...
  11. wacrofo

    I need a VA who can list 120 shopify products in 1 week

    The title is self-explanatory! Send me a pm so we can talk
  12. N

    Looking To Hire A Competent VA

    Hey, I'm looking to hire someone who has a good grasp of the English language and is available every day to do simple copy+paste, formatting, editorial work. Add me on Skype, don't PM. Skype name: the.natinator
  13. CaesarRomanus

    High Authority Blog (TF 59, DA 55) Looking for SEO VA

    I have a high authority blog. I'm looking to hire an SEO Virtual Assistant to help me with SEO. It will primarily be link building, but maybe some technical SEO and on page assistance). I have many extremely high authority links to my site from sites like the New York Times, Washington Post...
  14. D

    looking for a pinterest virtual assistant

    I am looking for a Pinterest virtual assistant that knows how to design grabbing pins and about Pinterest Keywords, so I can get traffic to my travel blog posts. Write down your rates and service you offer and I will message you back with more details and if I am interested.
  15. Peter Turner

    Need a VA

    We are building a product to analyse businesses over Facebook. Our customers are interested in data which are related to products like Shopify, Affiliate product, Click-funnels, etc. There will be 2 tasks: 1) Find such products/pages over Facebook and submit those pages URL to us. 2) Visit...
  16. Taegn

    Looking for a VA [II]

    After a very positive experience with the previous VA's we hired from BHW, we have come back to hire one more. Last time there were around 40 applicants for a place, so it make take us some time to process everyone. If you do not wish to complete a 1 hour trial task free of charge as part of...
  17. A

    Searching for a Personal Assistant

    Hi to everyone! We had to love to connect to somebody with a personality and through that job we both will benefit since you can learn many things about us and our work! If you think that you are the right person for us and dont hesistate to write us! :) These are the most important things that...
  18. HootSEO

    Any Cheap PHP coders here?

    Dear viewer, Don't comment unless you're interested. I'm looking for someone who can work cheap on a pure PHP site. I only want a loyal & cheap coder for this. This isn't full time work. It's a project that I've started and needs more features and some fixes. The site is in PHP and I would...
  19. gerryboy101

    Seeking out a VA for social media

    Hi community. I have not posted or contributed for a very long time but I'm back. I want to seek out a VA well priced from a foreign land ie/ Philippines. The job may require proxy experience because you would be updating social media platforms based in north america. The VA would have to...
  20. MatthewGraham

    [HAF] Long-Term SEO VA Positions - Get Paid to Work with and Learn from SEO Pros

    Hello, Do you want to get paid to work with and learn from a team of experienced SEO professionals? Do you want long-term, consistent, and interesting SEO work? You're in the right HAF thread! The work consists primarily of assisting with these tasks: Building out PBNs Building web 2.0s...