va assitant

  1. Dlckhead

    [WTH] Looking for a VA

    Looking for a VA for data entry work. VA needs to be active and good with english. please pm or reply here if you can provide the services.
  2. LandscapePhotographer

    Pinterest Account Manager

    Looking for someone with proven experience to start and manage my Pinterest account to get organic growth. Really looking for people that can show they have done work on here for others. Please PM me with a link and what your monthly cost would be. Many Thanks
  3. LandscapePhotographer

    IP Addresses in different countries

    Hi Guys, Hopefully, you can help? I want to know if it would be safe to have a VA in another country working on my Instagram? Just liking and commenting. I would still need to log on to reply to DM's and comments but could make sure I was not logging on at the same time as them. And I set...
  4. LandscapePhotographer

    Having social medai accounts managed from different country

    Would love peoples advice. I am pretty terrible at all social media and am thinking of getting a VA on here to help do the bulk of it for me. Liking, commenting, and just keeping the accounts as active as possible. The accounts would be: Instagram Facebook Pinintrest I would however still...
  5. kumars64

    How many Indians,Pakistan, Bangladesh and Srilankan facing Work From Home Problems.

    Hi bros, Just curious to know even at 2020 where technology has grown up, online buying especially in India has become common, still there are some families and people who do not believe in working online through pc or laptop or mobile. They only believe if you go outside to a 9 to 5...
  6. Ash1

    Need to hire VA for Email contact scraping, Content writing, Link building.

    Hi Guys, Happy new year to everyone! I am in need of Virtual Assistants (VA) for the following tasks: 1) Email contact scraping / Website scraping [urgent] 2) Content writing 3) Link Building (via guest posts) Please come with the reports of previous work or trial. And, I'm expecting all...
  7. R

    WTH - VA for posting links in FB groups

    Hello, I'm looking for a VA to post links in various Facebook groups. I don't really care if you do it manually or if you automate the process, as long as the links are visible. Here is what is needed of you: 1. You must have your own Facebook account (or accounts). 2. You must join in...
  8. V

    Hirings VA’s (virtual assistants) and need a team of 10 or more!

    I’m looking for a team of virtual assistants , mainly for video editing for social media. You need to have phenomenal editing skills. Other typical VA skills are needed. Message me, hiring now!
  9. D

    I Need a pinterest.VA

    Hi I am currently looking for a Pinterest Virtual Assistant to run it and get me traffic to my travel blog.
  10. Xtreme19

    Looking for VA content poster on Parasite websites

    Hello, I am looking for VA who can post daily on parasite websites. Responsibilities will be to post on parasite websites and forums daily (List of websites will be provided, you can suggest as well). Posting on social media as well as boomarking sites. Automated tools are available for use...
  11. eaglesWTF

    [WTH] Looking for VA for managing IG accounts

    Hello, I'm looking for VA to manage(follow, unfollow, like, comment, upload content) on clients IG accounts manually on phones or other devices. I have many clients, its possible to hire all TEAM. Looking for people with knowledge of what they do and why they do also with previous similar...
  12. Xtreme19

    WTH GSA/Xrumer Expert Part time/Full Time/VA/Contract

    I am looking for someone who is an expert in Xrumer+GSA to create link blasts to the given urls every day. (Six websites with different urls everyday) I need profile urls, forum posts, web 2.0 comments etc and indexing the whole deal. I will provide all the tools and a vps. I will pay...
  13. TommiP

    Need a VA to register Gmails for me

    I need someone to create Gmail accounts for me, I tell you usernames. I will pay 0.10$ for each account registration. I will also provide method so you can avoid extra phone verification costs.
  14. unknownmehed

    What is the cost of a VA and How can I find them?

    I am thinking to hire a virtual assistant(VA) to reduce my workload. Basically, I need a VA for link-building purpose. I know most of the VA have little to No knowledge about the SEO, but I will teach him/her how to do it for me. How to approach for guest posting and how to build-inks from the...
  15. Adehorla

    Graphic VA Needed

    I need a graphic designer VA for a long time work (3-5 month) 1-3 hours per day is okay
  16. C

    Looking for a VA to make Web 2.0 Multipages

    Looking for a VA to put my content that I provide and create multi page web 2.0's on different various web 2.0 platforms. Was currently paying $1.5 per web 2.0 to the last VA 2 to 3 web 2.0's is doable per hour so its equivalent to $4/hr
  17. P

    Looking for Rockstar VA - Must think outside the Box

    Hey! I want to hire VA for daily tasks (Ad posting, lead qualifying, social media, amazon research, finding creative ways to mass post, etc;) - Experience with successful postings on Facebook Marketplace a plus - Must understand how to use a VPN. Please write here or PM me about you 1...
  18. Heiko

    When your starting a new project.... Do you outsource everything or do the work yourself?

    Hello everyone... Sometimes i've been kinda struggling to keep up with my projects and i was wondering... for those that already have some startup capital, and some sucessful projects. How do you go about new projects? Do you set up the plan, and outsource everything or do you do the dirty work...
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