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  2. justmeus

    Looking for a VA to warm up social media accounts and proxies

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a VA that can help me warm up my social media accounts in Adspower with our provided proxies. We are looking for someone who is familiar with the use of proxies and anti-detect browsers, is familiar with platforms like Instagram and Reddit, and is full-time available...
  3. E


    Hi i am looking for someone who can do some of the following tasks, you must also have paid membership to ahrefs, and also be available to work on gmt time zone and communicate via whatsapp app Forum posting Fourm profiles register to web 2.0 site Article submission citation listings Blog...
  4. P

    Looking for a VA to handle reddit/twitter OF marketing

    I have recently started a OF agency, we have started with reddit and twitter marketing but need an extra hand. If you are experienced in these fields send us a DM for further discussion.
  5. John Birch

    Virtual Assistant Required For Adult Porn Uploading

    I am looking for Virtual Assistant (VA) who will need to upload porn videos to my adult tube site Requirements: 1) Fast Internet (Download/Upload) 2) Good Configuration PC/Laptop 3) Video titles and tags should be written for each video using the best SEO practices in English 4) Minimum of 50...
  6. Danny Crypto

    Need VA For Adult Porn Uploading

    Need VA For Adult Porn Uploading VA Should have these things 1) Premiere Pro 2) Fast Internet (Download/Upload) 3) Good Configuration PC/Laptop 4) Per video title and tag should be written 5) Daily 50 Videos from 1 VA and need min 3 VA's for now 6) Payment Terms = Paid Per Video Upload = $0.1
  7. LandscapePhotographer

    VPN that a VA can use to make it look like they are in the same country.

    Hi Guys, Happy New Year! I hope someone might be able to give me some advice on VPNs. I have a VA (based in India) working on my IG account and all was going well until IG started not being able to work out whether my account was in India or UK (where I am based). The VA stopped work on...
  8. thepolyglot

    FREE instagram / wordpress VA.

    Hi, If you usually work with WordPress or Instagram, I'd like to work for you i will work for 1-3 hours for 30 days or more. why Instagram: ill do anything related to Instagram because I have experience in that domain this is my Instagram @coffeeforbidden and I want to do it because I want to...
  9. HenryObi

    Need A VA To Source For Guest Posts

    I need a VA to source for guest posts for me. holla if interested or can do the job
  10. I

    Any VA's On Here That Have Access To Leads-Sniper Software

    I am looking to hire a VA that can gather an email list of 800 TV Services or Media companies. All emails need to be validated Looking to hire asap.
  11. I

    Looking For A VA To Send Emails That Reach Inboxes

    I am looking to hire a VA to send emails that reach inboxes and not spam folders Is there a way that this can be done? If yes I am looking to hire a VA that can send out a generic email to 800 companies.
  12. CliveTheSnail

    Looking for VA to find Lat/Lon Coordinate for Cities

    Hi, I used a bulk generator to find longitude and latitude coordinates for cities in Canada, AUS, and UK. However, a lot of them are wrong and when I import the contact list into a data base the lat / lon are off by quite a bit. Looking for someone to manually type in google maps the...
  13. Samuel Atkinson

    Need an honest Jr.Vip from USA

    Need an honest Jr.Vip from USA I will share the details via PM Paying $100-$150 for a simple task.
  14. E

    WTH Virtual Assistant (Adult Content)

    Hello, I need a reliable virtual assistant who: Can work for a fixed price of $1/hour Can work on adult project Has a Windows PC with at least 8GB RAM + High-Speed Internet Post here or PM me
  15. opencube

    Looking for VA, paying $5 an hour

    To qualify, you must have scrapebox installed and be familiar with using it. You will also need a decent proxy solution, I will pay for the credits usage if you already have one. (I will also front you a little money to get one if you don't). References a plus. All payments in Bitcoin only...
  16. Mahfuz Raihan

    Where to look for SEO, SMM and Admin Work Services related work?

    I am a Virtual Assistant Providing SEO, SMM and Admin Work Services recently I lost Clients, So looking for news ways get clients, work. Can any one suggest anything?
  17. Deuris

    Virtual Assistant Needed

    Hey friends, I need a virtual assistant for a simple and well-known job - you will have to find websites based on specific Ahrefs characteristics and also add contact email, or contact form. So, the responsibilities are: 1. Find websites based on the characteristics I will provide. 2. Add...
  18. LandscapePhotographer

    Does this Person exist?! Social Media, SEO, Web Design

    Hi, I am unsure whether this person would exist or whether I would be better getting several individuals with expertise in each area? Any advice would be hugely appreciated I am a photographer, I sell prints through my website and have just started a blog as well. I am realising though that my...
  19. anton609

    What are some other sites like Fiverr, upwork?

    what are some other sites like fiverr, upwork, you guys know? Thanks
  20. SEOMaestro

    Professional VA Service on BHW only $3 Per hour

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