1. W

    Qbittorrent, Utorrent or ʋ BitTorrent?

    I was adapted to utorrent for so many years until 2016. Since that, I hadn't used torrents to download. Today I was looking to download it again but seems like utorrent is not the same anymore (open door to virus without download and slow). If you have any suggestion to torrent downloader...
  2. Ricostrong

    How to Remove ADS from uTorrent

    If you are using a Free version of uTorrent,then u will notice that application contains ads anyway. how to remove ads without any crack ver or smth else 1.Open uTorrent and go to options 2.Go to PREFERENCES 3.In the left down select (Advances) and then in the right pane above at the...
  3. U

    uTorrent Preferences Updater

    Hey :) I've noticed that a few people are having trouble with downloading, e.g. their download speeds are extremely low or something similar. I've also had this problem so I created a program to try and "fix" this issue, although it's not a fix it really does help. It basically installs some of...
  4. A

    Help!!! how to create torrent files?

    I want to create some torrent files to upload it on website. I tried to create one using utorrent but i think there is problem with trackers thats why it always fails. How to get these working trackers? Or please tell me how to create torrent files with full procedure. Thanks in advance.
  5. S

    i dont know how to upload torrents..pls help

    im so much a newbie to torrent and anything related to it. i ve being researching on torrents. the basic reason why i want to use it is to upload torrent to torrent sites so that i can drive traffic to my site..i have downloaded utorrent but i dont know how to use it to upload...there are two...
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