1. M

    Make your own website invisible to others?

    Hello all, We asked ourselves if it is possible to make our website invisible to certain people, places, IPs, canvas fingerprint. It is about the following: We advertise our website via Google Ads. Unfortunately, there is a platform on the internet that has a quite powerful SEO and really...
  2. noellarkin

    PaleMoon Browser: Manage Multiple Account Profiles, User Agents, Evade Fingerprinting

    I've been looking for an alternative to Mozilla Firefox (it gets more and more bloated with each update), and MultiLogin doesn't seem to work as well as it used to. I came across PaleMoon and it's literally the perfect browser for SEO persona management. I've shifted all my profiles to...
  3. C45HC0W

    Google will freeze and unify the User Agent string

    In order to increase privacy online (thats what google says) they want to get rid off the user agent string. I still couldnt figure out if this will simplify botting or make it more complicated because now it is harder(?) to fake the useragent...
  4. B

    Exporting cookies from the FB app to Jarvee and mobile useragent string in Jarvee

    DEAR BHW forummers, I got two questions. I'm importing FB accounts to Jarvee, however, with some of my aged accounts they block directly when logging in through Jarvee. This is due to the fact of a different ISP/IP/Useragent. However, they refer to 'validate' this different log in from the...
  5. S

    Click/View bot with multiple more funtions?

    Hello everyone. I am in need of an application for generating artificial traffic (bot) with proxy support. I am looking for some core features; -Multithread -Proxy -Randomize Useragent -Randomize Referrals -Randomize browser language and resolution -Able to click coordinates Is there such bot...
  6. P

    Help Of A Genius Required With WiFi proxy

    Hi guys, I want your help with a problem on wifi proxy. My wifi uses a WEP encryption. There is a password required to connect the computer and a proxy is also set up which will ask you username and password when you try to connect to internet. Here is the problem. I have the key, the...
  7. eshelt

    How do I fake my user agent and browser?

    So I have found a way to fill out my own offers however I need to figure out a way change up my user agent and the operating system I am using so it doesn't look like I am using windows server to fill out every offer. I have tried some firefox plugins, and doing some searches on here but I...
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