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  1. BradyX

    Advice needed: URL Shortener + Ads Arbitrage?

    Hello I am thinking to start a URL Shortener website with ads. And then pay a fraction of the amount I get to those who send traffic to my site. Is this a good business model to work on? How much CPM do these ad networks generally pay? ( non adult)
  2. E


    I know how to get cheap traffic to send to links/websites but I don't know how to monetize it. And no, I don't own a website.
  3. G

    Any URL shortener site that does not ban domains or detect spam domain in url ?

    Are there any URL shortener websites out there that do not have a history of banning certain domains that it detects or qualifies as spam ect. ?
  4. 3

    Suggestion needed: Monetising adult outbound links

    Hello everyone, I just started my journey in the adult world in a very promising niche. All my contents are curated from other websites and I do not automate the process nor embed videos. When a featured image of a video is clicked on, visitors are redirected to the source. I intend to...
  5. Ben Thomas

    Which URL shortener tool are you using for your link shortener?

    Hi there, I saw there are so many URL Shortener websites are available online for link shorten. But, I want the best URL shortener tool for creating a custom URL shortener for my websites for sharing. And it must be allowed on all social media and on all search engines that won't mark as spam...
  6. M

    G-GL - URL Shortener

    Hello everyone! Recently found an interesting link shortener service You can create links quickly and without registration You can even create secure links, as if with a visible password For each link, a QR code is generated It allows you to view conversion statistics in detail. There is...
  7. serveria

    URL shortener links not sticking

    We did some research and it seems most competitors have URL shortener links (bit.ly or similar) indexed as backlinks. We tried creating these high DA, easy-to-add shortener links but they don't get indexed and don't show up in backlinks. What is the issue with that kind of links? Google is not...
  8. A

    How to make money from adult site and URL Shortener

    Hello guys, I am planning to launch an Adult site and URL Shortener. I know it's very tough to get views on Adult sites and I believe URL Shortener is the best way to get visitors. Did anyone try this before? Anyone can help me start? I can share links of my website here? I already have URL...
  9. loi798798

    Advertising on URL shorteners - LEGIT or NOT?

    Hey guys! I want to use URL shorteners as a place to promote my blog. The rates of some URL shorteners seem pretty low to me. However, I have several concerns: Is traffic from URL shorteners real? I do not want Google to penalize me. <-- This is my main concern The URL shortener I want to use...
  10. Arsalan Nazar

    [Question] Best Url Shortner

    Hello, guys hope you all doing well. I want to know that is there any best URL shortener which pays good money and legit. Because I am using ad fly and they are so slow so much work to do for just 5$.
  11. R

    How to make backlink through URL shortner?

    How can I make backlink through url shortner and how can i index it
  12. codobi

    ḷ.com Url Shortener which passes through url filters of greedy moderators

    ḷ.com url shortener which passes through url filters of greedy moderators. It can increase the clickability of referral links due to its unusualness. Not sure, need a test on your auditory. Enjoy! Shortest com domain also. ḷ.com
  13. T

    Shoud I create an paying url-shortener?

    Hey everyone, I though about to program an url-shortener which works like e.g. adfly. I think that I have the programming skills to that, but I don't know. I think it would be very interesting for me to make such a service, but in the end I would publish it and want to make money with it. Yes...
  14. M

    PPC network for link shortener? [Need DMCA to be kinda ignored]

    Right now I need to use a third party network for a URL shortener that is mainly for download links to music downloads, which of course can be considered copyrighted material, thus keeping me away from a majority of networks. Do you guys know of any networks who really don't give a fuck? I have...
  15. R

    URL shortening site needs someone experienced with advertising to help grow platform

    As the title states, I have a URL shortening site that recently had a complete revamp, and is able to offer more $$$ than pretty much all other URL shorteners. The idea itself I believe is heavily marketable, I just don't really know what im doing in terms of advertising it properly. I have a...
  16. judaculla

    Discuss: Integrating Tracking URLs & Shortening Services

    I'm trying to piece together an analytics-type service, which would account for individual user actions, across a varying amount of mediums such as Twitter, FB, email, web, etc... Obviously, I realize I can use any sort of native tracking on 3rd party sites. Basically what I think I'm looking...

    Advanced URL Shortener (No More Blocked Links)!

    Hey guys. I was tired of URL shortening services blocking links so I decided to run my own. I want you guys to test it out and let me know what you think. Features Full analytics Bundle your links for easy access Geotarget links One click share from dashboard Password protect links Enjoy

    Advanced URL Scraper (No More Blocked Links)!

    Edit... Delete please
  19. Framehook Solutions

    Hello guys! This is my earnings on Url Shortener

    Hello Guys! This is my current earnings on URL Shortener for the month of May. http://prntscr.com/bf1wv2
  20. F

    How to shorten one link to several url shorteners?

    Is there any website or sw which does this? I've tried to google this, but not with much success. If possible for free? It doesn¨t have to make from one url 100 different ones, but if it could do atleast 10-20 that would be great, if someone can share this with me or if it even exists. Thanks...