url scraper

  1. LLamas23

    Need a laser targeted URL list for GSA WC

    Hi All, I am trying to figure out how to make the scraper work quicker in GSA WC but I can't seem to get it to use more than 1% of my CPU. So I figured someone here has probably already figured this system out properly and can offer assistance. I want to build a URL list of about 1 million...
  2. X

    SEO List Builder - Your Ultimate Tool For Linklist/Domain List Expansion

  3. FaithlessDbo

    [Need your thoughts] Create an URL scraper

    So I had an idea to create and URL scraper, just something basic. I saw a thread yesterday where someone asked if anyone could make a program that would scrape information for him based on an URL. So this got me thinking, what if I would release a program that would scrape, lets say 10 variable...
  4. M

    [WANTED] Facebook Post URL scraper?

    I am looking for a scraper to collect Facebook post URLs from pages. Ideally I'd like to simply be able put in a list of Facebook page URLs and have it spit out a number of post URLs, for example, a few URLs from each page. But anything like this which will make it much easier than manual is...
  5. flashsites

    Scrapebox Harvest Google

    Hi BH, I am using SB to get links for posting to. My big issue is it seems impossible to grab links from Google in mass. I can get a few thousand then it gives only errors. Using 50 Sock proxies and would like it to run a large campaign pulling links for 1k+ keywords. Any advice? Thx
  6. S

    [WANTED] Scrape youtube urls from FB group

    Hello guys, Member of a music group on FACEBOOK with about 20-30 other good mates, most of us are into electro/house/dnb/dub and ed sherran type tunes. Looking for a way/method/script/software to SCRAPE YOUTUBE URLS from this group. Any ideas? Cheers Strawbs
  7. A

    (WTH) Someone will a URL Scraper

    Hi I have AMR and I am trying to scrape a bunch of industry specific urls from G. I need to find someone that can do this for me using a scraper or whatever you see fit. I would need a few different industries which would be determined once I hire you or what have you. If you can do...
  8. efwebs

    Scrap URLs based on list of keywords

    I have a list of about 2000 keywords. All of them would give me unique search results on a search engine (google, yahoo...doesn't matter). I want to scrap the top one or two URLs from each search result (more results wouldn't hurt me, but more than the first page would result in too many URLs)...
  9. Rudyzplace

    [GET] Google Result URL Scraper script

    Google search result URL scraper I developed this script to scrape Google search results and use them with PR Storm. Lately I've noticed there was a high demand for a URL scraper, so I'm giving back to the forum to thank for the tools and knowledge I gained in the past months. This is a free...
  10. A

    SMART URL Scraper - AffPortal.com 24 Hour Freebie

    I wanted to let you guys check out AffPortal.com for free. NO OPTIN NEEDED... Just beat on it for me... I activated 6 of the tools, the other areas are off limits for the freebie. The feedback I have been getting on this PPV Toolset has been very good. www.AffPortal.com ID: 24 hour freebie...
  11. A

    Ppv - url keywordz

    hi, anyone on here ever use this URL KEYWORDZ scraper. If so, what's thoughts on the software....
  12. A

    Recommendation for a GOOD URL SCRAPER for PPV

    Hi, Can someone help me out. I am looking for a good URL SCRAPER to do PPV. Any recommendation .... Thanks
  13. JohnKarr

    Url Scraping of a website???

    Hey guys, I know how to get URL's based on keywords, with laserURL. But is there any program that will scape all the page url's of a specific website? For ex. lets say I have a digital camera offer, and I wanted every single URL that bestbuy.com has about digital cameras. IS this possible...
  14. JohnKarr

    LaserURL Problem

    I dunno if Matt has abandoned the software, because I can't get it st scrape alexa or qauncast, and it keeps freezing up on me. Anyone else have these problems? Is there another URL scraper out there besides LaserURL?
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