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    I have AMR and I am trying to scrape a bunch of industry specific urls from G. I need to find someone that can do this for me using a scraper or whatever you see fit. I would need a few different industries which would be determined once I hire you or what have you.

    If you can do this, please PM me with some price estimates, how long it will take you, etc.

    I would just need the urls to be article directory specific, but that should be easy to do just by doing a search on G. The urls would then be exported to a program like notepad or wordpad.


    BTW if anyone has any other suggestions besides using scrapebox such as a plug in for Firefox or anything, let me know :)
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    Mar 13, 2011
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    hmm.... I think I know what you mean. you can scrape some url basic on your search with the tools, it could be searc grinder or serp scraper.
    just suggest to you, sorry if this sugestion not satisfied of you. but if you want that tools i mention, you can PM me :)
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    Do you need proxy support?