url harvester

  1. PandaBusters

    Cannot capture URL's by descending 20 levels

    Hi, I have scrape box, and I am trying to scrape all the URL's by crawling 20 levels with the "Grab URL's by crawling" feature, down 20 levels. The problem is, it only grabs that which has the same root domain, not the other links or URL's. Is this a basic limitation in the software, or do I...
  2. S

    I need a Good Website Harvester

    I am in need or a good website harvester tool or website i can use. Please refer me. Thanks
  3. N

    Website Harvester

    I'm working on creating an email lists' database from my country so far i've gotten low to no supply for demand..I need a tool to extract URL's within an ip range or from my country. Is there a website's harvester software or tool where which i can run a search and the results will be save...
  4. H

    How to scrape Twitter URLs from a list of URLs?

    I have a list of website from which I want to get the twitter URLs. I want to know if it`s possible to automate the process? Example: careerbuilder.com carefair.com carepages.com caring.com carmitimes.com carolinalive.com carolinascw.com carreview.com Thanks in advance.
  5. L

    Backlink or Url Harvester...?

    Hey everyone. I am trying to find a tool or come up with a trick? that will harvest any backlinks to my site; so that I can gather those urls and start pumping url lists into senuke in order to create backlinks to my backlinks. Does anyone have any easy tips that I can follow? Any advice...
  6. postcd

    Best URL harvester of Wordpress blogs

    Hi, Im using URL Harvester 2008. I have saved around 340 000 URLs when used dictionary. But many of these urls are not usefull for me, because im using Ultimate Wordpress Commenter and it needs only blog post urls. Any recommendation what to do with this URL list and PLEASE give me...
  7. S

    A good url harvester?

    i have been looking for days now and everyone i come across the link is either broken or it doesnt work!! i want to use it with PRstorm so it must be able to search for keywords thanks in advance
  8. iglow

    URL harvester requied

    Any good working url harvesters? Seems none of previous works.. Mainly i wanna put some goolge search site query in, and harvest urls.
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