upwork review

  1. I

    Upwork Reviews Required

    Looking for someone to create a job post and provide Upwork Reviews. You'd be paid $1 per review. You'd also need to have Paypal and be ready to do screenshare during the whole process. Interested people please contact. Thanks
  2. F

    Need Upwork, Fiverr, and PPH, Purchases and Reviews

    Please be solid and have aged accounts with good standing.
  3. L

    I need a verified USA, UK Or Phillipines upwork account

    Hey there I am looking to purchase a verified Upwork account. PM me with your accounts and prices.
  4. PKB88

    Need Upwork reviews (5-10 reviews/week)

    Hi, I'm looking for people with Upwork client account.I need 5-10 Upwork reviews/week and I will pay 3-5$/review based on the quality of your account,if your account is aged one(more than 3 years) I will pay you 5$/review ,and for new acount(less than 1 year) I will pay 3$/review Please...
  5. B

    Need upwork review

    I need upwork reviews. PM me if you can give me reviews. No spammers please.