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  1. Roadblock

    Upwork Reviews Needed

    Hello, I'd like to buy Upwork reviews for my profile. Please only contact me if you have aged accounts with a history of hiring.
  2. Ankonz

    [HQ] Giving away 5 Upwork APPROVED accounts

    Hey Guys, This is My first post at BHW . This community helps me a lot to grow my online career. That's why I want to provide a little help to this special community. I am giving away 5 Upwork approved accounts (each to one member). You must meet the following prerequisites: - A never used...
  3. SonOfBhw

    〚Wait〛I will help you to get your Upwork account approved fast

    So if you have applied for upwork and got this reply, "Thank you for submitting your application to join Upwork. As we do with everyone who wishes to join Upwork, we carefully reviewed your profile to determine whether there is sufficient need for your skills and experience in the marketplace...
  4. Atlantix

    Paying for upwork reviews

    Hi, I am a new freelancer on upwork and I am looking for upwork reviews. Willing to pay $5 for detailed reviews.
  5. aksh patel

    I Need upwork review For UK,USA,CANADA,GERMANY

    Hello Everyone, I need 2-3 upwork reviews from different accounts. I would prefer people with aged accounts and I will immediately work with somebody who can show that they have done this before. Send me a PM :)
  6. habibsoft

    How should I apply for job bids at Upwork? I shared five experiences.

    To work on upwork, you must write a cover letter and apply it to a job post so that you can explain your skills to a client. Before writing a cover letter, you need to keep many things in mind and complete them. 1) Your profile: Your profile must be clear so that a client can easily...
  7. B

    Looking for a upwork account(Verified)

    I'm going to buy a upwork account. Let me know if you have one. Contact me on $kype. ID is bluespider929. Thanks.
  8. O

    Looking for Upwork review

    I need somebody to hire me on upwork and give me 5 star review. Cost of hiring me is $10 and payment for your service is $5. If you are interested, please PM me. Cheers
  9. A

    Yelp Reviews & Upworks Reviews

    Need Upworks Reviews from people with client accounts. You use your client account to hire my freelancer account with job details I'll provide, end contract a couple days later, and leave 5 stars + review i'll provide. Walk away with $10 for your trouble. Also need Yelp Reviews from people with...
  10. predator411

    Need upwork review

    Hi, I need someone to leave me a 5 stars review on upwork.
  11. M

    I am verified on Upwork, living in Europe. I am not from the U.S. Taxes?

    Hi there! I am verified on Upwork and about to start a bullet-proof plan to make a good amount of money through it while getting great reviews and stuff. Just moving my very loyal clients to Upwork, nothing fancy or even remotely illegal. In fact, Upwork likes this. My question is direct and...
  12. Peter Kuksin

    Need Upwork freelancer account

    Hello everyone, I need an Upwork freelancer account, is there anyone who can provide such? I saw a thread made by @krishnaverma but i can't pm him. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  13. BaeGoody

    Upwork is ruining my freelancing Career!

    Am from a African country. I heard Of upwork about a week ago. So I tried Appling to the site freelancing program normally with my real name, country and phone number. Those guys brutally rejected me So I tried using a USA VPN, Name and phone number, I was accepted instantly. After updating my...
  14. I

    Upwork Reviews Required

    Looking for someone to create a job post and provide Upwork Reviews. You'd be paid $1 per review. You'd also need to have Paypal and be ready to do screenshare during the whole process. Interested people please contact. Thanks
  15. L

    I need a verified USA, UK Or Phillipines upwork account

    Hey there I am looking to purchase a verified Upwork account. PM me with your accounts and prices.
  16. J

    Looking for Upwork Pro Accounts/Certification Answers

    Hi, I'm currently running an arbitrage business using Upwork. Because of this, I'm looking to purchase an Upwork account so I can access Upwork's premium marketplace and place bids on higher-paying jobs. If this doesn't suit you, I'm also looking for someone to generate a pdf of 10-20 the...
  17. C

    "Buying a verified upwork account"

    can you please text on PM for this task. I cant reply on the thread. please PM!
  18. C

    Buying a verified upwork account

    Hey there I am looking to purchase a verified Upwork account. PM me with your accounts and prices.
  19. F

    I wanna buy upwork verified account based on all over the world

    Hi, I wanna buy upwork video verified account from you. Then I'm gonna pay you via paypal for each account. If you have more accounts, we can have business based on upwork account marketplace. S k y pe id: fokin.savelievich85 Thanks Fokin
  20. Internet-Marketer

    Upwork Payment or Card Issue!

    Hello, I want to hire someone on Upwork for my job. Unfortunately Upwork is not accepting my master and visa card which are prepaid cards. It worked on other sites but not working there. Please let me know where I can find undetectable prepaid card or any solution to this problem? P.S...