1. A

    Introducing me and requesting help, please read!

    Hello everyone! I am Brazilian and currently I was unemployed due to the pandemic. The problem with this is that I have bills to pay and children that depend on me. After reading a lot on the forum I realized that there are a lot of people who earn money working on the internet so I decided...
  2. snowberry

    I'm UNEMPLOYABLE! What the f*ck is going on

    I'll get to the point....I've always been unemployed, with the exception of 2 short temp jobs. I've mentioned this before but my big problem is shyness/social retardedness/anxiety and my appearance is ugly too which I'm sure employers care about (and I don't mean looking sloppy...just not being...
  3. M

    Hello from Italy

    Hey everyone, I'm a 18 years old guy from Italy, currently unemployed (worked as a Web Master for a short period of time) and trying to pay all my bills with the new found knowledge I'll be reading here. Made a few bucks here and there from blogs, nothing really special, but willing to learn...
  4. JesterJoker

    Wife got fired from her job, and now looking to get back earning blackhat

    So it really sucks, but just filed for the second week on my wife's unemployment. And seeing that my nest egg is dwindeling faster then I would like. I need to setup a post and let her do work for some blackhat / whitehat stuff, to make up for the extra 150 bucks or so she wont get from...
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