1. Dark. banana

    Need Start up info for drop shipping start from zero

    hi so i'm thinking to start drop shipping store and see where a year of this test takes me. However i'm living in Ukraine and i want to target USA customers with my products and Facebook / Google campaigns. So here is the Q i have : Strip Atlas the best option for none US residents ? 2...
  2. Y

    Hi there, I am Ukranian Guy

    Hi to all the community! I am from Ukraine but live in Spain. I have several health and beauty blogs in English. Now I am looking to improve Seo and buy quality backlinks. Now I buy SEO package from SarkarSeo. What do you think about him?
  3. V

    A professional translator and copywriter with some SEO knowledge

    Hello, Just a newbie here, but not in my job, where got a lot of experience. I work in English, Spanish, Russian, Romanian and Ukrainian. Except English a have a native level of mentioned languages and love SEO stuff. Hope gona get here friends and clients. My kindest regards
  4. Gogol

    So, aliens exist (UFO spotted :O) ?

    Okay it is an UFO which doesn't have to be extraterrestrial. Still, interesting read. The whole twitter is going crazy right now!! So may be , this thread wasn't a hoax? :eek: @adalbertmgrm do you live anywhere close?
  5. Y

    I Got Some Fake Ripoffreport Mentioning My Name and My website

    Hello, I am here to hear your expert suggestions, what should I do at this condition. Some one just posted on Ripoffreport about any website development guy or company. But they mentioned my name and website in it. www [dot] ripoffreport [dot]...
  6. N

    Senior Affiliate Manager needed. Kyiv based vacancy. Full time

    Affiliate network looking for Senior Affiliate Manager, full time job, based in central part of Kiev. Experience in one of the following industries: eCommerce, dating, games is regarded as advantage. Highly preferably dating project experience Fluent English - Excellent skills in...
  7. canweoffshoreit

    Odessa Ukraine: PBN and SEO Help - URGENT

    Please help and refer anyone you know to me for a chat or with other places I can post. Looking for a physical person to work in my Odessa office for a couple of days to make sure we are on the right track. We are kinda newbies and don't want to waste time making silly mistakes. Need an easy...
  8. KORO22

    Talking in Russian language as you many here?

    How much here those who does talk on Russian or Ukrainian?
  9. S

    How to earn some money online with offline skills?

    I am service engineer of repairing printers and copiers from Ukraine. Have big experience of refilling and professional repairing toner cartridges. How to earn some money online with my offline skills?
  10. ITGuild

    Introduction of IT Guild

    Dear BlackHatWorld, We are the IT Guild, a group of SEO experts from Ukraine. During the past two years we had tens of different projects in online marketing field: we did SEO for biggest domain registrars/hosting providers in our region, online shops, NGOs and many others. We also ran...