I Got Some Fake Ripoffreport Mentioning My Name and My website

Yuri Borisov

Feb 15, 2018
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I am here to hear your expert suggestions, what should I do at this condition. Some one just posted on Ripoffreport about any website development guy or company. But they mentioned my name and website in it.
www [dot] ripoffreport [dot] com/reports/yuri-borysov/kiev-kyiv-city/yuri-borysov-i-paid-1000-to-a-make-a-website-on-online-store-but-he-didnt-do-his-work-1428210

thats All fake I never did any website work, or neither I know how to do such shit. I can bearly use Wordpress.

Now I filed a rebuttal today, but as I researched they will not care much about it. What you think what should I do.

There are two reports now which is coming up for my name looks they both are about same person Iurii Borysov or may be not, I am not sure exactly here is the another report link
www [dot] ripoffreport [dot] com/reports/iurii-borysov/kiev-other-01010/iurii-borysov-yuri-borysov-yuri-borisov-iurii-borisov-yuriy-borysov-yuriy-borisov-ord-1326954

What should I do any suggestions does anyone else faced it?