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  1. RichardLI

    Follow /Unfollow Strategy

    Hello Guys Whats is your best strategy to unfollow non followers ? How many daily is safe to unfollow ? Thanks in advance
  2. stand3

    Number of followers weird fluctuations - Auto Follow

    I have been using a Chrome plugin for auto follow/unfollow and was doing good getting subs. Suddenly my followers stopped rising and when I get new followers as seen in notifications eg. 23 new followers, I dont get +23. Followers number is going up and done weirdly Am I blacklisted or...
  3. Q

    Can't destroy friendships

    Another one of those "unfollow" queries, I know... I'm getting 404's on the friendships/destroy(.json) API endpoint, and am sure I've triggered rate limiting of some kind. However I had only unfollowed ~35 users when this occurred. It's the old "Sorry, that page does not exist.," Code 34 error...
  4. sikandar

    Which Twitter Unfollow Tool can achieve this?

    I have tried a few tools for unfollowing people who do not follow me. However I have not come across any tool which will prevent following the users whom I had unfollowed before. I do not want to follow and unfollow the same users again and again. Is there any tool or app which has this feature ?
  5. L

    Setup in Twitterdub to follow/unfollow safely?

    Hi, Recently I started some twitter accounts with TwitterDub (Rootjazz). I see a lot accounts get banned (twitter seemed to be very strictly). Does anyone have recommendations for a "SAFE" setup in Twitterdub regarding Following and Unfollowing (how many, which time period, random pause times...
  6. cpafreak

    How I unfollowed 868 people and deleted 3200 old tweets in 10 mins...

    Hello all, Thanks everyone on bhw for sharing their journeys, methods, tips and tricks to get me going every day for plan I have set. I have just got bots for Twitter and Instagram. Going through guides and references in bhw to keep me motivated. While I was loading my aged Twitter account...
  7. G

    Whats a safe number for follows/unfollows on Twitter(without getting banned)

    Does anyone go by a number of follows/unfollows per day and go without getting banned? Is there a safe zone?
  8. nemsis

    [Twitter] Twitter Karma Javascript Trick to bulk Unfollow non-followers

    This is a little javascript code that will click on all these "unfollow" links on twitter karma. Step 1: Go to twitter karma Step 2 : Select "Only Following" Step 3 : Paste this javascript code in your browser's location bar javascript: /* nemsis 4 bhw */...
  9. B

    How to get 200-400 followers a day on twitter

    Ok this my first post here but this forum has been a great help so i will post a bit of my own. My way of mass adding twitter followers. Basically what i did was I installed the grease-monkey script that auto follows all the user on a page so i could...
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