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Can't destroy friendships

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by qbrt, May 11, 2017.

  1. qbrt

    qbrt Newbie

    May 11, 2017
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    Another one of those "unfollow" queries, I know...

    I'm getting 404's on the friendships/destroy(.json) API endpoint, and am sure I've triggered rate limiting of some kind. However I had only unfollowed ~35 users when this occurred.

    It's the old "Sorry, that page does not exist.," Code 34 error which seems to be a Twitter go-to for anything in the realm of rate limiting or accounts that have gotten themselves into trouble, based on a number of posts.

    It's not a true 404, as I can hit the endpoint via other means and (correctly) receive an "unauthenticated" error. (I can also change the URL to something that's definitely incorrect, and it generates a different, and more correct form of 404.)

    I've created a new app with new tokens, but still receive the same error message.

    Any ideas on what current limits are, and/or what I need to do to not offend Twitter's API?

    I'm talking tens of records here before this happened, not hundreds or thousands as seems to be commonly done (even Twitter mentions something like 2400 actions in a day).

    I wasn't doing any other posting or following today when this occurred, and waiting 15 minutes before trying again didn't help, either. (And I think this is account-level and not application-level besides.)

    I'm wondering if it will reset tomorrow, but again, this was not the thousands of requests others discuss successfully making.

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