twitter traffic

  1. M

    Looking for Onlyfans traffic

    Hey everyone! I’m a OF model looking for traffic :) Twitter, insta, tinder, other dating sites, smm ... ANYTHING Dm your stats/reviews and prices tg @ultracube
  2. D

    Started Adult Tube Site - 20$ A Day

    Helo guys i just started a porn tube site with 50 defferent categories only I am posting (not importing) 5 videos per day, 4 videos are affiliate video just to copy their embed code and they pay for embed traffic... 2$ for tier 1 fixed * amount. And 1 another video have affiliate offer with a...
  3. mka175

    twitter adult traffic

    so how you guys are generate traffic from twitter adult niche i get like 500k reach in the last 28 days and im welling to convert some off them to my smart link, i have tried link in bio and embedding link in videos with no clicks at all i need your help guys
  4. mka175

    How To Get Link Click From Twitter

    hi guys, 1st time posting on BHW , so i have football live streaming website, i used to share my link to twitter and get like 300 clicks per post, but now i only get like 20 (max) so what's wrong, did twitter classified my website as a spam ( i get like 1k to 5k reach with posts without link...
  5. sageshark

    Which Social Media Platform Brings the Most Traffic to Your Blog or Website? (Serious Question)

    Hi Fellow BHW members, Can you please share which social media platform brings most traffic to your website or blog? It may be organic or paid, doesn't matter. Please share the name of the platform - Facebook. Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or anything else?
  6. seojen

    Twitter Traffic in 2022 - What are the Working Methods ?

    Recently, I have been looking for new ways to get traffic from Twitter but all methods I find seem to be old. Can you guys share some new methods? Thanks.
  7. thesmallscalable

    Earned more than 1000 dollars this month with twitter journey, AMA will try to answer

    Hello guys this is my first IM journey I'm sharing with you here on BHW. I used twitter as my source of traffic and generated around 38000 clicks with x number of profiles and x number of domains. Here are my stats I don't want to tell you the exact number of profiles and domains I used...
  8. flashsites

    Need a solid Twitter Traffic [GURU] for long term

    I'm looking for someone running high quality Twitter bots that can get real people to view their video and engage. I want views in 1M increments. We'll do a smaller test to start. Can someone point me to someone reputable?
  9. nikhil964986

    Twitter Traffic

    Hi guys, I wanted to know is twitter traffic good to promote clickbank products ?
  10. D

    Cam White Label And Twitter Traffic Does it work ? Some tips ?

    I have a white label i want to create some twitter profiles for models and generate traffic with them.
  11. dkv023

    how to drive traffic to my website from many accounts

    How to get twitter traffic to website from alot accounts nowdays? Do I must tweet the same links from 100 accs? Do I must retweet my 1 main account from 99 accs? How often I should tweet links from my farm accs? 1 per day? 2 per day? Do I must mix my tweets with pics? 4 pics + 1 money post link...
  12. Smartk

    CPA network that accept Twitter traffic

    Hello house, please I need the list of some of the CPA network that accepts Twitter traffic. Not paid Twitter traffic this time buy sending traffic to offers tweeting the offers on twitter with link directed to the offer . Thanks
  13. 20something

    [JV] My Viral Website And Your Social Media Traffic

    I've a viral website with good quality content and images. The website is high quality, unlike mushrooming viral websites with a lot of pictures and click bait title with little or no useful content. Obviously, that works in most of the cases and for most of the people but that is not what I'm...
  14. Unrealworld

    Problem with Twitter accounts

    Hello everyone, i have a problem with twitter accounts and dont know what can i do, i have a 10 accounts running on followliker bot and 2 accounts per proxy, but when i start following after a 40-50 following twitter ask me for a phone verification, then im verifiting using my personaly number...
  15. cpafreak

    Does analytics show Twitter traffic properly?

    Hello all, I have my Twitter account with 3700 followers. I tweet like 3-4 times daily related to my niche site. I found this huge difference that analytics show very less traffic while my WordPress theme shows page views better in number. Can anyone suggest on which tool is best to track...
  16. chrisraph4

    TWITTER TREND: Any Idea On how To make A topic Trend On Twitter?

    If you have any Suggestion on how you have made a topic trend on twitter using a HashTag, please state it and possible if you used any software to achieve this you can as well share. Someone told me about a twitter technology which bloggers use to lock download links, If anybody wants to...
  17. manugm94

    Making a Twitter bot - Twitter as main traffic source

    Yesterday I decided to start learning Node.Js, which is like Javascript for a server, and you cand build server side apps. After researching a little bit, I started making my own twitter bot, is just a demo app with three modules, one for following someones followers, one for retweeting and the...
  18. D

    Traffic Generation Using Twitter

    Step 1- Join Twitter Step 2- Complete your profile by adding a professional photo,add something in the description about what you love. E.G I am a mom and i love to travel to different countries,i also work from home.Do not mention you are an expert in anything and not not mention you will...
  19. 1

    twitter traffic >> fb viral app

    Hi, at present I'm generating about 1k - 1,5k unique visitors/day coming from several twitter accounts/bots I'm running which should be ideal for initializing fb apps. So if you have a fb viral app, autolike script or others I'd like to send the initial traffic to your landing page in...
  20. J

    Best way to monetize daily 50k-100K Twitter Traffic ?

    How would you guys best monetize 50K+ (daily) of untargeted Twitter traffic ? Virgin on Twitter Marketing but have a way to get this much traffic to any page. It's untargeted right now, General traffic. Some come from Iphone users (30%), US (40%), Other international (20-30%) Thanks for...
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