twitter cpa

  1. D

    How do I get the first few followers while doing adult cpa on twitter?

    I have tried copying tweets and pasting them and it works. But I am unable to find an account with decent content (most accounts are openly promoting CPA or cam offers.) Also, how do I find which hashtags to use in my tweets? Personally I think the whole game is about choosing the correct hashtags.
  2. Mohit Masand

    How to create post like this? Twitter Question

    I am recently doing something as adult cpa with twitter and lots of other people posting like this ? how to post link with and image and some bold header? if anyone knows please let me know.
  3. Costelus

    CPA Adult+ Twitter | Success Journey | 350.000+ followers

    First of all let me present. My name is Gabi,I'm 17 years old and live in Europe. I LOVE BlackHatWorld because this forum changed my life. How that ? From here I have learned all I know about affiliates and now I'm making around 1.000$/month profit (pretty much in my country ,especially for a...
  4. Gabriel Damian

    Need help whit adult affiliates

    Hello. My name is Damian. I`m here to request some help. I was growing 6 twitter accounts in the last 3 months and now have 30k followers in total in porn niche. I`m monetizing whit CrakRevenue (200-500 clicks/day), but some low revenue(1-2$/day), because I don`t know what is the correct kind of...
  5. jeffro89

    So just been followed by two bots on twitter..

    I didnt know guys were going to such lengths to get a Chaturbate conversion. Clever tho lol. I clicked the link obviously, and it lead me to what i can describe as chaturbate. But it was iframed onto some html site called meet my meat. Is this standard practice ? I wouldnt beilive it would...