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  1. Adshunter

    Twitter Ads Account with $500 Ads Spend ✅ Twitter Ads Account Bulk Order & Discount Available!✅ Quick Delivery ✅ Discount Available

    No need to spend more money!➡️Unlock exclusive benefits now by purchasing our Twitter ads account. Enjoy a minimum 10 to 50% discount when you buy from us today. Contact Us (Live Chat & 24/7 Support): Telegram: Ads hunter Skype: live:.cid.a8316e97b9eb6511
  2. twitter ads for BHW.png

    twitter ads for BHW.png

  3. twiiter threshold ads account BHW.png

    twiiter threshold ads account BHW.png

  4. Twitter ads account

    Twitter ads account

  5. Raymond jr

    ❌ No More Money Spending ➡️Ready to use $500 Credit threshold Twitter Ads Accounts✅ Supper First Delivery ✅ Up To 50%Discount Available

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  6. Features of Our Twitter Ads Accounts.png

    Features of Our Twitter Ads Accounts.png

  7. 4

    HAF Twitter Ads Marketer

    We are looking for our projects a Twitter Ads marketer. Someone who has run dozens of successful Twitter Ads and campaigns. And know exactly how to advertise the most efficient way. With the best ROI. Niches are crypto/ Web3 and later on adult (don't know for sure if you can advertise that on...
  8. BradyX

    Has anyone used Twitter ads to get 1000+ Followers?

    I want to know anyone used Twitter ads to get 1000+ Followers? What kind of money you spent on it? And is twitter ads easy for someone who has not ever run ads on twitter
  9. CyberWizard

    ✅ Twitter Ads Account Comes With Blue Badge ⭐ $1000 Threshold ⭐ Fast Delivery ✅

    Hello BHW We provide Twitter Ads Account that Comes With Blue Badge There is ⭐ $1000 Threshold ⭐ ✅ Fast Delivery 2 hours - 48 hours ✅ What you get: Twitter account with blue badge Twitter ads account 1000$ spending threshold AdsPower account to log in safely Price: 300$ Policy: No refund...
  10. Itz Pablo

    ✅Twitter Ads Account With Blue Badge Verified ⭐ $500 Ads Spending Account ⚡ Fast Delivery ❤️ Discount Available ❤️

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  11. L

    I can't input Twitter payment details for Twitter Ads

    Hey guys. I want to post promoted tweets like this(down below) as a link form but the problem is I was stuck in giving payment methods and I've tried many cards already and they're all invalid. Is there a fix for this or is this some sort of bug. If there's anotherway of inputting payment...
  12. Matron

    ➡️ Live Twitter Ads Account with $1000 Ads Spend ✅ Twitter Ads Account Bulk Order & Discount Available!

    Hello Everyone! We are excited to introduce our new Twitter ads service. With this service, you can promote your business on Twitter with a $1000 credit. You can use this service to promote any type of business in order to get leads or sales. You can buy the product for $400 from our service...
  13. LifetimeCharger

    Twitter Ads Verification?

    Hey guys, i am currently having a problem with twitter. I bought Twitter Blue for my Account for around 10$ per month and went to Twitter Ads a few hours later. I am getting the message: "Only verified advertisers can run ads on Twitter. Click here to get verified." When i go to that site, i...
  14. ivanstorm1

    ⚡Twitter Ads Accounts⚡- $1,000 Threshold, Warmed Up, Ready To Use ✅ Starting At $450 Per Account

    ⚡Twitter Ads⚡- Buy Unlimited Approved Twitter Ads Accounts with $1,000 Threshold! We are offering Twitter Ads Accounts with $1,000 Threshold! Accounts are fully approved and ready to run ads. We can make ads accounts under custom conditions, you can choose name, username, photo and top header...
  15. WarLords

    ⭐️☑☑ High Quality Fresh Pinterest Ads with $100 Credit Ready to spend ☑☑⭐️

    Hello BHWers Today we bring you our ultimate Pinterest ads accounts and vcc services, I will keep this thread simple and short. What We Offer: Super High Quality Pinterest Ads Accounts With $100 Credit The ads account comes with $100 in credits, and you can spend up to $150. account will have...
  16. S

    Creating twitter ads campaign is all Halted

    Hi, I'm a new member to the forum. I look forward to collaborating and sharing blackhat marketing knowledge with the members of the forum. I'm learning about twitter advertising. I find it too difficult and hopeless to create a twitter ad campaign. All created ad campaigns are paused (although...
  17. dom.domino

    Running twitter ads? How to Cloak Twitter Ads campaign?

    Hi, I have been trying to launch black hat twitter ads related to NFT's for some while now, yet only 1/15 of accounts has been successful. (I know crypto and NFT are against twitter ads policy) They all get banned immediately after even creating an ad that is not related to crypto, but something...
  18. mainceaft

    Tweet as it doesn't meet our advertising guidelines?

    This is first time I set up ads account after adding contacts details I press promote , one of my tweets I got this message. I admit since I was a kind noob in social media advertising I tried to promote another tweet before this which contains links to copyright materials, The first tweet...
  19. A

    Working with Blackhat offers in Twitter ads

    Hello everyone. How to avoid quick bans in Twitter ads? I worked with a lot of Twitter accounts and all of them were banned either immediately or after spending small amounts up to $100 maximum. I work with crypto offers. I use creatives as carefully as possible. I checked the work of white hat...
  20. blahblah012345

    NFT ads on Twitter. Ad Account currently ineligible

    Hey BHW, I'm trying to figure who to contact or how to get my ad account reinstated with Twitter and to get approval for NFT ads. I've already spent around 12k on NFT related ads on Twitter with this account but after about 30 ads getting halted they finally made my account ineligible. Any...
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