twitter account sell

  1. A

    Established 2009 Twitter account 11K+ Followers available

    Established 2009 Twitter account 11K+ Followers. Followers include influential business and tech plus high profile celebrities. Contact details in profile richards.2976
  2. M

    Facebook, Instagram,Twitter , accounts

    Instagram accounts for sell : 1k folowers for 20$ 2k folowers 25$ 3k folowers 27$ 4k folowers 33$ 5k folowers 40$ for more contact me Twitter acounts with: 1k folowers 12$ 2k folowers 17$ 3k folowers 24$ 4k folowers 30$ 5k folowers 37$ (Note all the folowers are real people no fake bots) for...
  3. J

    Question for Twitter experts

    Hello all! First post on here so go easy on me if this thread is more suited to another section! I have a Twitter account with more than 14,000 real followers which I no longer have the desire to keep running. The tweets are football (soccer)-related. The account follows just 1 person...
  4. N

    Celeb-Esque Twitter Account - 10k Followers

    So, speaking theoretically for a minute... let's say there was a Twitter account for fans of a very famous person (account name in itself is lucrative, and not spurious and fanboy-esque or babble. It could well be their actual name); so not a claimed and verified official name, but it is...
  5. S

    I want to learn how to make money with twitter

    If anyone is really good at making money with twitter add me on kik (sociallinks). I have a pretty large account but not quite sure how to bring in the dough. Thanks for anyone who helps. im new to this:p
  6. U

    Selling REAL Twitter account with a ton of REAL followers

    EDIT: I was told I can't sell here! MOD please delete sorry :(
  7. S

    How Do You Sell Your Twitter Account?

    Anybody know the steps involved in selling your Twitter account? I want to sell my domain name along with my Twitter name.
  8. GiftGuru

    Failed at twitter marketing and want to sell me your account?

    I'm buying accounts with over 10,000 followers. Please PM me your details and offer. Please don't ask how much I will pay for it. Just tell me how many followers you have and how much you want for it.
  9. D

    selling my twitter account.

    good day, I am selling my twitter account. it has 26k followers and are highly engaged. I am just trying to dispose this to help fund my studies so i guess i am forgiven to post here? klout score is about 60+. i am asking for 1 cent/follower so you do the math. price is also negotiable. just...
  10. Y

    I Grabbed How Viagra Works on Twitter

    So I just grabbed HowViagraWorks on twitter and was wondering if this would be a good account to sell later on? I also wanted to know where I can go to promote Viagra.
  11. H

    Anyone ever sell a Twitter account?

    Howdy, I have a Twitter account with over 10,000 followers on it and says it's worth over $3000 US. I'm just curious if anyone has sold Twitter accounts like this before or seen others doing it and where might be the best place to sell it. cheers
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