twitter account followers

  1. D

    Twitter Account suspended

    My twitter account @realarnabrg 130K+ followers got suspended, How can i recover it ?? Any suggestions....Please help.
  2. M

    I need Instagram and Twitter Follower Bot

    I will be glad if anybody can help me with the both instagram and twitter bot to increase followers on. I mean for free. Thanks
  3. J

    Twitter Images Not Showing

    Hey guys, what size do you use for your twitter images. I use 500x500 and I find the picture don't look right. Any size advice for these picture we post on twitter. Thanks
  4. remon24

    Twitter Journey to 50 k targeted followers

    In this journey I am going to get 50 k targeted followers for one niche, I started the account 10 days back and currently have 2500 followers,I will try to get 50k followers by end of September. Here is my whole strategy: I am using a PVA account for this,Which is aged but I changed the...
  5. S

    How to follow/unfollow users without double following?

    Is it possible to manually follow and unfollow a list without following a user twice? I mean how do I keep account if I start following and unfollowing users from someone who has 100k followers to avoid double following (following someone who I just unfollowed). Are there softwares who can...
  6. V

    I Need Web Based Auto Follow Twitter Bot

    Hello Everyone, From past 6 months i am searching for an auto-follow/unfollow twitter bot which i need completely web based bot. It do needs to have multiple twitter account. so i can attach my 100 twitter accounts once and completely forget about them. I mean i don't want to download any...
  7. L

    Who can build 10 twitter accounts with 10K followers?

    Does anyone on BHW know someone who can build me 10 twitter accounts, each with 10K following targeted by industry and country? I would supply a list of who to follow in order to harvest their followers. Any ideas on price? Thanks in advance for any replies - much appreciated.
  8. cosmo89

    Buying twitter followers is good?? Tweetbots really works? whent twitter ban your ac?

    Is buying twitter followers is good? How to be make sure they r all real followers? Which tweet bot is good? How not to be banned from twitter? I have done my research in BHW, but everyone's has different in buying followers, so it s bit confusing!!!! Help me out!
  9. cpafreak

    How I unfollowed 868 people and deleted 3200 old tweets in 10 mins...

    Hello all, Thanks everyone on bhw for sharing their journeys, methods, tips and tricks to get me going every day for plan I have set. I have just got bots for Twitter and Instagram. Going through guides and references in bhw to keep me motivated. While I was loading my aged Twitter account...
  10. S

    Need Twitter, IG, Facebook followers from Zambia and neighboring countries

    Hi I need Twitter, IG, Facebook followers from Zambia and neighboring countries for one account. Please message me the pricing so that I can initiate the transaction.
  11. K

    100+ Accounts - What to tweet to make it look natural?

    Hi all, Just looking for some advice on what do you guys tweet in between your CPA etc links to make your accounts look more natural? Thanks
  12. Z

    Twitter Followers

    Good day Experts, I am new here, and literally with Twitter marketing. I have a twitter account with 1k real people all from USA and some from Canada. I am trying to grow followers so I can promote my company's workout supplement products. If I can make some extra money out of twitter...
  13. F

    I need the name of the script for Web Site (Twitter Follower site)

    I would like to know the name of the script,theme from similar websites (forfollow ,more-followers,500followers, bestfollow​) (PM me) thank you
  14. B

    new here looking for help with twitter!! please read!!

    hello im new here. obviously using social sites all the time, im looking for help with twitter to gain some followers, any help would be appreciated! like what services u can offer and price? many thanks.
  15. lostgringos

    FollowLiker or TwitterMoneyBot?

    I have looked into both of these bots and I am still undecided which one is better. My main concern is to have my Twitter accounts run smoothly. No hands Twitter accounts that will build followers on it's own when it is running 24/7. FollowLiker (FL) is much more expensive than...
  16. N

    Business looking for assistance to increase clientele through Twitter/ Social Media

    Hello Blackhat world! This is my first thread I have ever posted so be understanding and gentle please! :) I have been looking through the Twitter section of blackhat and have only found minor guides and ways to purchase followers/comments and favorites. Now of course that is some great...
  17. N

    Twitter account

    I have a quick question.Do anybody know where I can get a twitter account that has around 10k-15k real followers?I don't care what the account is based on.Also how much would a account with 10k-15k followers be worth?
  18. seotechlab

    How to attract more buyers with Twitter

    Can anyone suggest how to attract more buyers with Twitter. Does more followers get 2X more traffic
  19. B

    Twitter Follower Bot

    Hi, I need a twitter follower bot. Is there any way you can link me one for free please? Many thanks!
  20. P

    I need twitter Followers/Retweets/Fav bot

    I need twitter followers bot on which i load account and then these account follow the profile which i put in bot. Bot should have auto proxy scraper to login in the account.. Thanks