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Business looking for assistance to increase clientele through Twitter/ Social Media

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by NLSConcierge, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. NLSConcierge

    NLSConcierge Newbie

    Oct 1, 2014
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    Hello Blackhat world!
    This is my first thread I have ever posted so be understanding and gentle please! :)

    I have been looking through the Twitter section of blackhat and have only found minor guides and ways to purchase followers/comments and favorites.
    Now of course that is some great information. $5 for 1500 real followers. But I'm not looking to buy followers.
    Surehaving 24k followers makes and account look professional and well known but in reality, I'm looking to get real followers that are genuinely interested in what I have to offer.
    I am the owner of a Concierge company in Las Vegas. Its Called Nokturnal Lifestyle Concierge. And we are looking to Expand and grow from the average typical methods to obtain clients and revolutionize This company through Social Media.
    I have a mediocre Twitter account at NLSConcierge ,please give me thoughs/ideas/advice/critisism. Anything helps

    What I am requesting help from You amazing intelligent group of people is a method/way/direction to obtain real followers that can easily be turned into Clientele. I wish for some new age successful powerful techniques dealing with Types of tweets, how often to send them out, what the hashtags should say or be, how many hash tags, etc
    How to balance between a strict business profile while giving it a unique personality of its own.

    Hopefully that give whoever is reading this a good enough idea on what I'm asking help with/for.
    If not please ask, I'll give you an in-depth picture of my business.

    Thanks for listening Blackhatters! <3
  2. member8200

    member8200 Regular Member

    Aug 9, 2014
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    Dont get your hopes that high. If you own a real business then do the business the right way unless you will go on a dark route of spamming which can risk your account getting banned in twitter

    Im saying this because theres literally no EASY way of getting real followers can be turned into clients asap.

    Own a real business, Do a real business